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    Restaurant Logo!!!

    Help I'm designing a logo for a new pizza restaurant, any suggestions on what might be best suited for something classy looking?
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    Want high quality printed t-shirts

    Hi, I'm relatively new to printing, I have recently started my own graphic design blog ( and want to make trendy t-shirts from my designs. I am looking to get the same quality from my designs on the site ie the first illustration you see on my site. How do I go about...
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    Wordpress header problem

    btw how did u manage to download my header?
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    Wordpress header problem

    Thanks I've tried reducing the resolution but the quality goes, do i just save for web and devices, make the jpeg high quality then save as image?
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    Wordpress header problem

    I have a mac and use safari, my site looks fine and I created my own header by customizing the zenlight theme. When I view it in safari its fine but others with smaller computer screens see the edges of the header cut off. I then changed my header from black and white to colour and the file size...
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    Check out my website

    Hi i'm working on a new graphic design blog/site and would really appreciate some feedback and comments, I have also recently developed a new logo for it and would really like some feedback cheers ash. website is
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    Screen printing

    Hi I'm interested in getting my designs printed onto tea towels and bags etc, can screen printing be done in the home and if so is it costly and what does it involve. I did it at art college and it used to be great fun for getting your designs onto fabric, can you use 2 colours? Has anyone else...
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    Profiling Designers

    yes Count me in
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    Have I left it too late ?

    hi I graduated in 2002 with a ba in graphic design but didnt pursue it until now, im just starting up again, i'm 30 and have had to go back to basics i dont think its too late, check out my webpage
  10. N What you think?

    Hi, Ive recently developed a new wordpress site to display my portfolio, I'm not a web designer but would like to get an idea what people think of it and my work. There is not loads of content as I'm still adding to it and intend to add more pages to display my work. So check it out...
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    Pls Help

    Hi I'm trying to build a website, I have a domain, I have an ftp with dreamhost and I have dreamweaver. I have began to design my pages in photoshop as this seems the most straight forward. I'm trying to use dreamweaver to put my home page on the internet but honestly dont know...
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    small adobe illustrator issue

    Hi i'm trying to build my website in adobe illustrator, however i've done something which has stopped me being able to drag and re-size or shape objects images and texts, everything now has a blue underline rather than a square around it with the little points where you can drag it. This may be...
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    Adobe Programs???

    I'm catching up with design have a new mac just missing the programs ie illustrator,indesign,photoshop etc how do i get them without paying a fortune?? cheers
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    web page problem

    Im trying to start my own web page ive made a start but when i checked my page on another computer the font had changed. Is there a basic explanation for this? cheers
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    cs4 from america or UK?

    I'm looking to buy cs4 design premium software, Is there any reason why its so much cheaper from the US is it a different version or what. Should they be in dvd format? I'm a little confused as the prices are so different. Where is the cheapest place to buy the software?