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Hi I'm trying to build a website, I have a domain, I have an ftp with dreamhost and I have dreamweaver. I have began to design my pages in photoshop as this seems the most straight forward. I'm trying to use dreamweaver to put my home page on the internet but honestly dont know what I am doing. I have a book on dreamweaver but find it so confusing. Is it a really complicated process? Is photoshop the best for making your pages and do i have to do much more to them when I'm in dreamweaver. Im very lost and need some help as I am determined to learn and have my own site to show my graphic design portfolio. Please Please help so I can begin to sleep at night.

Hi Ash

You have 3 choices...

1) Learn the hard way by practicing, reading books and learning from tutorial websites. Maybe do a course.

2) Hire somebody to slice and code your .psd file which is probably cheaper than you think. Lots of members on here could do this for you.

3) Just use something like wordpress, very easy to set up and there are loads of skins and plugins available for it online.

If graphic design is your thing and coding is of no interest to you then the second or third options are your best bet.

Hope some of that helps.
You can buy website hosting packages that have a basic web builder included. This is your best option, apart from what the boss said. Dreamweaver won't teach you how to build websites, and if you don't know what you are doing it won't make it any easier. And you don't want to end up with a bad looking website, obviously.