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Hi i'm working on a new graphic design blog/site and would really appreciate some feedback and comments, I have also recently developed a new logo for it and would really like some feedback cheers ash. website is
The website is very well presented and I love the pencil shavings in the header :icon_thumbup: When you go into your portfolio and registrations do you think perhaps you need some sort of feedback for the user to show a hover effect over the thumbnails not just when an item is selected?

Apart from that I think it looks great!
Like the artwork and your website header but find the flash aspects to the site very slow (which isn't a reflection on your work but my rubbish laptop) which made me lose patience with the site. So, perhaps make your artwork easier to view aka a simple gallery.
Hi :)

I'm not keen on the navigation gong over onto 2 lines - maybe reconsider how many top level options you have.

I think the header is quite nice, as already mentioned. Though I'd not use the animated gif, it makes the site look 'old'. Maybe more to do with the anti-aliasing on your text rather than the animation.

And yes, consider using normal images instead of flash. Even on my top of the range iMac it took too long to load, leaving me thinking there was a big blank space on your site for quite a few seconds (a long time in the world of the web)

Good effort though - keep refining and let us know how you go.