Screen printing


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Hi I'm interested in getting my designs printed onto tea towels and bags etc, can screen printing be done in the home and if so is it costly and what does it involve. I did it at art college and it used to be great fun for getting your designs onto fabric, can you use 2 colours? Has anyone else tried it, I want to put some of my illustrations out there.

you could in theory screen print anywhere if youve got the space. You'll not only need a printing table (specialist item, not just any old table) and a screen but you'll also need a light box and screen holder vaccum thing (cant remember the name). Basicly youre looking at a few grand and thats second hand! Then youve got the cost of your emulsion, inks etc....

You can print as many colours as you like but each one has to be done seperately and each ink must be completely dry!

Its a slow messy process but does produce some great results.

If you want someone to quote the job for you [email protected] will help you out. hes a good lad and knows what hes doing!
Screen printing is indeed a very exciting thing to do yourself and we love it!

However it can be something that is quite a lot of work, especially if you haven't got the equiptment to start with, so, if its something that you might consider having someone else print for you, we would be happy to help.

Good luck!
A lot of people I know do screen printing in their homes as an on the side business and it seems to work out okay as long as you have the space and some decent equipment, what sort of gear do you want to use?