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Hi, I'm relatively new to printing, I have recently started my own graphic design blog (www.ashleycrowley.com) and want to make trendy t-shirts from my designs. I am looking to get the same quality from my designs on the site ie the first illustration you see on my site. How do I go about achieving this without it looking cheap. I want the t-shirts to be vintage style similar to amplified t-shirts. I am also keen to get the equiptment myself and do it but I'm not sure what printing process would be most appropriate. I would really appreciate some help on this.


Printing T-shirts

I have been down this route and it is not easy. Every digital print including t-jet are poor and wont last long.
If you are producing two colour designs then vynal printing will do the job (I have a vynal digital cutter and heat press for sale - as i have no time let me know if you are interested). This method prints from illustrator on any vector package. having the Vynals made for you will cost about £3 per colour usually a minimum of ten is required. Vynal is very durable and look pro.

For full colour tee's you still have no choise other than silk screening on average you will be looking at a set up charge of about £20 per per colour per design then the cost of the t-shirt and for them to print it.

Thats why i went down the vynal route. With a small selection of t-shirts I could print and produce at home on a demand basis saving me having to pay for loads of t-shirts in advance.

I sold mine through ebay and was selling about 30 a month but my design businesses is where I put the effort in and i just don't have time for t-shirts - it takes about 7 minutes to produce and fix the vynal t-shirts, I would dedicate one day a week to doing the t-shirt business.
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I am new here! I did see awesome quality designs at sugarbullets.co.uk
They are worth the price!