small adobe illustrator issue


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Hi i'm trying to build my website in adobe illustrator, however i've done something which has stopped me being able to drag and re-size or shape objects images and texts, everything now has a blue underline rather than a square around it with the little points where you can drag it. This may be something really simple but I cant figure it out. Can anyone pls help?


I think you might have a sub layer locked. Go to object/unlock all.

Alternatively, you might have a clipping mask on one of your layers, which can sometimes complicate things.
Try selecting all layers, then go to object /clipping mask/ release.

If they fail, then it could just be something simple like having the wrong tool selected, ensure you're using the selection tool (the black arrow or press the 'v' key) instead of the direct selection tool (the white arrow or the 'a' key). Sorry if that sounds patronising in anyway.

Let us know if you're still having trouble.