cs4 from america or UK?


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I'm looking to buy cs4 design premium software, Is there any reason why its so much cheaper from the US is it a different version or what. Should they be in dvd format? I'm a little confused as the prices are so different. Where is the cheapest place to buy the software?
The US version works fine if you can get it... US ebay or Amazon will not ship to the UK, so you will have to find a local address in the US for it to be shipped to and then forwarded onto you.

I bought an unregistered copy of CS a few years ago off US Ebay (I prefer to have the actual DVDs rather than downloads and I was lucky that the copy was fine and unregistered - there are lots of horror stories) at that stage a cyber friend living there actually bid for it and purchased it on my behalf and I paid her back including her shipping costs after she had sent it to me. I then upgraded to CS3 last year via US Amazon - paid via Amazon and I used a cousin's address there and he forwarded it on to me once it arrived. The price differences between here and there are incredible and I have no idea why it should make such a difference across an ocean.