SHOWCASE: Sketches, Doodles & Illustrations


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hahaha, you survived :D
And the result is everything went well.

But now that you mention the sanity and couple months of work..I always remember my manager and his ideas about new illustrations, infographics, animations and similar complex stuff that take lots of work. He always thinks that stuff like that can, and should be done wthin two days. My head hurts every time..
Phew. I wish!

I went to such detail as they were going to have zoomed in images so everything was made with that in mind.
Also, when they wanted "a bit adding on" because it was bases on a central image that radiated out it would increase the whole map size and I'd have to fill the extra space with content.

You live and learn. ;)


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I was on a fairly loose deadline but the project kind of mushroomed so we went over.....a bit. ;)


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