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I am cartoonnegar,I am a cartoonist,i work to many software such as illustrator and Photoshop ,my quality work and my price is very good.
if you have any question of me please contact to my email



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Hi I am Reby, new to forums. So glad I came across this one. I love Art & Design. I really could do with some feedback on designs I have done. Here is one of them.
square sunglasses design 16 copy.jpg


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Is this one of those competition things where we have to guess what the image is?!


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Been playing with some texture/shading brushes in Illustrator so I made something to test them out.

Found they kill your CPU when used in any quantity so can't say this is going to be a new style for me.

It's a self indulgent piece with me reluctantly taking art direction from Jesus.

As you do. ;)



Hey Guys, im kinda new here so going to try and post some of my very old artwork! I never get a chance to do some personal artwork, but I will make time for it soon. Please note that these are like 10 years old so my photoshop skills werent great! Saying that I probably know more then than now lol

Some are rather dark! Hopefully I added this properly!

29302_1225209325452_3720770_n.jpg 36397_1254632301008_2089355_n.jpg 249487_1650285992103_1107312_n.jpg 252519_1650285512091_5840718_n.jpg 307160_1998344373345_1938889303_n.jpg 319984_1911234635656_989206213_n.jpg 388615_1998343853332_1047870528_n.jpg 1917077_1122423755877_1008890_n.jpg 1917077_1122425395918_4778517_n.jpg Friendship.jpg