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SHOWCASE: Sketches, Doodles & Illustrations

I am cartoonnegar,I am a cartoonist,i work to many software such as illustrator and Photoshop ,my quality work and my price is very good.
if you have any question of me please contact to my email
my website:cartoonnegar.com
my email:cartoonnegar@gmail.com



New Member
Hi I am Reby, new to forums. So glad I came across this one. I love Art & Design. I really could do with some feedback on designs I have done. Here is one of them.
square sunglasses design 16 copy.jpg


Well-Known Member
Been playing with some texture/shading brushes in Illustrator so I made something to test them out.

Found they kill your CPU when used in any quantity so can't say this is going to be a new style for me.

It's a self indulgent piece with me reluctantly taking art direction from Jesus.

As you do. ;)