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    hello sir. how are you. I earn some money from graphic design. I don t know how can i earn money from graphic design. pleasr knock me.
    Stationery Direct
    Glad you are finding the forum informative :-)
    Well, I must commed your effort putting up these informative posts and most especially the one dealing with VAT able and non-VATable products within printing industry. You have done a great job. Kudos to you bro
    Hey Damon,

    Just wanted to give a shout to how much i've enjoyed reading articles on this blog.. I was up til 6am yesterday! Yikes..
    Stationery Direct
    Hey Ian

    No problem, I should have posted the 'NoSpec' link ages ago :)
    Ian Ellery
    Thanks for making my 'NoSpec' post a sticky Boss.
    I've had a good look around this site and I'm very impressed.

    Stationery Direct
    Hey Sarah

    So glad for you, happy the forum was of some use, hope you stick around :icon_smile:
    Dear Boss Hog, I am writing here to say a very big thank you to you, as because of the information you gave me in regards to design studios around tyne and wear I have been offered three weeks experience in a studio :). So a huge thank you to you :) You have helped me so much :) without you I could not have done it :)

    Again Thank you
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