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    Preparing For Graphic Design at University

    hi guys, i have been studying graphic design at college for two years (BTEC), this is sort similar or equivalent to a foundation year. I just got back and have a free month of nothing to do. So I was wondering what I could do in this time to prepare for university. If not to prepare for...
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    Recommended Fonts for Suit and Tie company. Mainly Ties

    this is onyx with drop cap. left it out by accident.
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    Recommended Fonts for Suit and Tie company. Mainly Ties

    i think this one is slightly better quality?
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    Recommended Fonts for Suit and Tie company. Mainly Ties

    you can see were the type will go in the screen shot, but this type will also be used for the logo.
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    Recommended Fonts for Suit and Tie company. Mainly Ties

    ties and suits have always been very traditional, classic and old school, they have been a part of society for many many years. But this company is to be established in 2013, so i would like font/typeface Recommendations, I am pretty new to typography and design, but i know not to use comic...
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    Warrior Jewellery, Really need honest critique and advice, even if it is very minor

    hi Ok. in a nutshell. im creating a brand identity for a mens jewellery company. this company in very masculine and agressive. based of soldier. i.e. dog tags. i want people to be proud to wear these pieces of jewellery. Yes, the jewellery is very modern and nice looking, but i want to protray...
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    Help with business card design

    hi, ive seen some truly beautiful business card that really made me feel like mine was just crap. note: this is for a suit company. they prefer the red line instead of all white and black. Could you just make some suggestions to take this design to the next level and allow it to not just be an...
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    My first ever freelance job...I really need help

    hi, this is my first ever logo design for a client, i have designed the logo according to their requirement's and wants, they are a suit company. but in terms of presenting this logo to them and putting it onto their business cards and what do you feel it the best option. This might seem...
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    Help with logo design!! Harsh and constructive feedback needed

    hey guys, i took on what you guys said, what do you think of this?
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    Help with logo design!! Harsh and constructive feedback needed

    hi, im working for my first ever real client and this is my first step into the industry, i really needed your expertise, experience and help. this logo that i have design is for a custom suit company. they will come visit you wether its in a restaurant, your home, your office etc. you will...
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    final choice of graphic design business name...HELP!

    hi guys, im creating a new graphic design agency, i really need you opinion, feeling and feedback on a range of names i have come up with, please vote, give feedback or ideads on my name choices, thank you so much.
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    Naming your Graphic Design Business

    i completly agree, like i said to threefallingduck, it sublimany and mean something to me personally and not in the eyes on the public, i just want a name that has a personal touch and sound cool lol, i to was leaning towards ink warfare, and i am not really that into pun but i thought id give...
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    Naming your Graphic Design Business

    i understand were you are coming from, but you should know that i am infact very passionate about graphic design, just and much if not more so than a designer in civi street, i absoloutly loved graphic design but i just wanted the advenute and experience and pride of serving my country hence...
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    Naming your Graphic Design Business

    Hi guys, this is my first every post. I have studied and still studying graphic design, i want to start a small business whilst studying graphic design. im having trouble with the naming of it, i feel the the name is vital for my business to grow positivle. I have brainstomed alot but have...