Help with logo design!! Harsh and constructive feedback needed


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im working for my first ever real client and this is my first step into the industry, i really needed your expertise, experience and help.

this logo that i have design is for a custom suit company. they will come visit you wether its in a restaurant, your home, your office etc. you will tell them what you need, what you need it for for etc, they will recommend and show you suit, they will then customise and tailor the suit to your specification until its perfect for the occasion and for you. They also cater for companies, i.e. the employee's for your business need nice suits as part of their uniform etc.

so these guys are very professional, classy and high end. they deal with expensive suits and expensive clients. but they also deal with you on a one to one basis so its each client is dealt with at a personal level.

here are some ideas i had, please help me and be critical. The more detailed the advice the better.

thank you for your time.

p.s. i hope ive attached the files correctly, this is my first ever post

also, my client really like the calligraphic 'A' and the tie, so I would like to make that design work, but he said he like it but some people dont.



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I think that the style your playing with is really good, the type is very sharp and professional plus the colour pallet is reflective of a luxury brand. Overall all three are good however my favorite is definitely the first one. Only qualm I have with it is the extra stroke curling around at the top of the 'A' I think you could loose that and the design would look a lot cleaner. Good work though.. I think its a solid logo.
The second two look smart but are a little boring, for want of a better word. The first one could work, but there's too much going on, too many flourishes. There's no reason why the tie
can't be part of the A without looking just "added on". The big flourish on the left should be more of a circle, I think. If I was doing it, I would research some more calligraphy, get some pencil and paper
and do another 20 quick sketches, or until it looks right, before drawing it up. Also, it should slant to the right slightly, I think, ie more italic.
That's looking a lot better, there's definitely more of a flow to it. Maybe there needs to be flourish at the beginning on the left, to
counterbalance the big one in the centre?