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hi, ive seen some truly beautiful business card that really made me feel like mine was just crap. note: this is for a suit company. they prefer the red line instead of all white and black. Could you just make some suggestions to take this design to the next level and allow it to not just be an average generic business card. (this is just the front, the back will be very simple and they require to write on the back. Also, they cannot afford any flashy printing, meaning, they will be getting a very good card stock with either matt or glossy finish. please help, all help and critism will be greartly appreciated. thank you and thank you. i really do appreciate the help. Also, do you guys like the one with the gradient?

Screen Shot 2012-09-13 at 22.20.50.jpgScreen Shot 2012-09-13 at 22.20.41.jpg
v2's better but the marque and the text below look a bit lopsided - this is probably an effect of the marque being an unusual shape but I'd align the top of the 'A' shape to the centre rather than the centre of the overall footprint.

You can think too much about this sort of thing, you know...
In terms of finishing, I think a matt finish would work well.

I prefer the way you have laid the text out on the version with the gradient....but lose the gradient in my opinion
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