Warrior Jewellery, Really need honest critique and advice, even if it is very minor


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Ok. in a nutshell. im creating a brand identity for a mens jewellery company. this company in very masculine and agressive. based of soldier. i.e. dog tags. i want people to be proud to wear these pieces of jewellery. Yes, the jewellery is very modern and nice looking, but i want to protray the true grit of the brand. i.e. rugged, strength etc. im thinking of my tag line to be. Strength. Pride. Valor....or something like that. (based of the army rank - british - of corporal, two parallel triangle shapes, and a shield. again, my jewellery should make people proud, i.e. the shield on a football (soccer) t-shirt, the family crest etc. please be constructive, im just a student and havnt been to university yet, im just starting out. thank you soooooo much.

p.s. TYPOGRAPHY HELP! please help with my typography, do u know any typefaces that would suit better? kerning and tracking ok?

also the type or logo is not perfect, its still under development, like i still have to make minor adjustments, so lines are not perfectly parallel or aligned etc

also, even if the change or problem is something very very minor still let me know.

thank you :)

oh, its called warrior jewellery (should i add the word jewellery to the logo)?


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LOL now you have said that it's all I can see.

OK going to try and be helpful. personally, yes, I would incorporae "jewellery" into it. Your font is OK but far too much kerning in the second example.

Boss Hog is right it is VERY Transformers-like, probably wasn't intentional on your part but it's ended that way. Sargeant / Corporal stripes is a pretty obvious route to take but if you can do it well then no reason it can't work. Have you thought about trying to make the stripes out of dog tags to form the chevrons? (If that's what you had tried to do then my bad)
saw transformers too.

In all honesty i can't see the relation to jewellery and the typeface could be a load better.

are you aiming for a limited higher end look? or a casual look?
higher end would be more of a nice serif typeface like Baskerville or casual would be more of a nice sans serif.. gotham light