Recommended Fonts for Suit and Tie company. Mainly Ties


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ties and suits have always been very traditional, classic and old school, they have been a part of society for many many years. But this company is to be established in 2013, so i would like font/typeface Recommendations, I am pretty new to typography and design, but i know not to use comic sans. I Like the look or DubielPlain, Onxy, not restricted to serif. I do like a typeface called Alien League and Bank gothic.

The store is called The Knott Shoppe.

thank you.

Feel free to criticise my font choices and the reasons to not/to choose them, im very willing to learn so the tougher and more critical you are they more i will learn and improve, im only 19 and still studying design at high school. haven't even started university yet.

thanks again, you guys on this forum has been very helpful and are the only people i know that have helped me with my design.
Might be an idea to post screenshots of said fonts, and information on what it is you're doing with them. Are you creating a logo? Using the typeface for print material, a website? 99% of the time, it depends on what is behind or around the type as to which one you should go with.

Sure, I could say those fonts look good, but they may look awful when used as a logo, or sat on top of an image for a website/flyer.
Bank Gothic is a pretty common face. I'm sure there's a few formal wear shops that use that as their logotype already so I'd maybe avoid it.

I agree with Arrivals, it's useful to have something visual to work with :)
Berling might work nicely?

I too would avoid Bank Gothic - its been used extensively before. I guess it also depends on how 'classic' or modern you want it to look as to the end font used..
I'd personally avoid the onyx one as it's a little hard to read.... out of the ones you've posted, I reckon the bondoni is the most legible - it's classic and smart but not old fashioned...
or something like this? - it's very similar to the font used on 'Pink' shirts... but it's something that's a bit different to a plain solid font while still being traditional