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Inserting Video files

I have been asked to maybe do a website that will require inserting DVD clips for a videographer.

How hard/simple is this to do? Do I need to know any technical points or is it just as basic as inserting it say using Dreamweaver or something?

Thanks x


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Convert the video clips to flash (SWF) then host with you tube or vimeo. they will give you code to drop into your website where you want the video to show.


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If you want to host the videos yourself you will need to convert them (using flash) to FLV then you can uploaded them and use a swf video player on your site and stream them.

I'm not sure if Geoff is confused/mistyped on the swf bit...? (that would involve having the video on a flash time line - bigger file? - not able to upload to youtube in that format?) but right in saying if you can upload them to youtube/vimeo (or similar) then that would be the easiest as you can then just use their code to show it on your site + stream it from their server...
Well the client says "i will need DVD clips inserting into my website" so how would I go about converting DVD clips to FLV?
Can I learn how to do that quite easily or am I best passing on this occasion until I can learn properly??

If I can learn it easily, I'll do it! I dont want to promise him I can, if its a very difficult task I am unable to do....?


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Handbrake is good for converting all sorts of video HandBrake

It sounds like they might want you to 'chop' sections of the video too... If I were you I would tell them they need to supply the clips in a suitable formate like .mov which can easily be converted to flv or uploaded to youtube/vimeo.


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It can be fairly simple converting video to flash (there's even some online apps iirc) but it does depend in the initial format of the video. If the video is coming as a .vob (like on you home dvd collection) you will need to convert it to a different container - something like avi/mov/mkv/mpeg etc.
If it's coming as an mpeg (dvd's can play this too) then it's a lot simpler. Chopping of the video again is dependent on the format but windows media player and imovie should be able to do it, if not there are some alternative options available.

Atleast CS3 and CS4 come with 'media encoder' which will convert video's into flash video files.

If you can find out how the video is coming it will make it easier to help and say how easy it is :)
Ok, so he has sent me a disc with several videos on that are all 'MPEG-4 Media File'
Whats the best way to get them onto the website?

Someone mentioned vimeo, but I would rather a cleaner player without logos and advertisment on.
Can this be done using flash/dreamweaver?


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html5 would be an easy option but only on safari and google chrome (webkit browsers) as they natively support mp4 vid files.

If you want flash I would look for adobe media encoder to convert to flash video and then get a player like jwplayer (used by a fair few sites) to use on the site for playback.

You could always convert the video's into quicktime and then show them in a pop up/llitebox or new page etc. Golive has a button specifically for adding quicktime movies so I would assume dreamweaver would too.

iirc vimeo and youtube both offer paid for options which might remove branding/ads etc


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You can do it using flash. Open a new doc. Then import / video go through your settings etc. It will encode the video as an FLV file and output a SWF file to play it too.

Upload both files to you web server and attach to the html using swfObject.
tbwcf said:
You can do it using flash. Open a new doc. Then import / video go through your settings etc. It will encode the video as an FLV file and output a SWF file to play it too.

Upload both files to you web server and attach to the html using swfObject.
So far so good.. thanks :D
Is there any way of resizing the video at all?
There's also a good one call xilsoft, awesome for converting video. Where will the DVD video becoming from is it an actuL DVD disk or like a comcorder type device??
I really ned help im right confused :(
This is what i want to acheive....

A video gallery page with thumbnails of other videos down the side.
When I click on a thumbnail it goes to that video and plays automatically, but i just want it so that the main video in the centre changes and everything else (thumbnails) remain where they are.

How do i do this? Where can i get a script? or is it even doable?
I dont know what im doing :(
glenwheeler said:
Hey missy!

Ok I think what your looking for is something like this...

Advanced XML Video Gallery Preview - ActiveDen

If so drop me a line and Il ship the files over to you. Easy to install x
Yeah thats similar to what I want but can i edit the colouring etc so that it fits my website and can I add that into a page easily or does it have to be a page on its own like that?

Thanks Glen.

I managed to figure out how to get my videos onto the website, but they are playing automatically and i cant turn that off and the play bar isnt showing!

Eurgh this is blagging my head this weekend.