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Design by committee - An experiment I want you to be part of


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I have an idea that I'd like to try out on this forum. It might not work, but I want to try anyway.

I want to try and design a fictional logo for a fictional company with as much input as possible from everyone possible. And I'm going to start with a blank Illustrator document.

The rules:

  • You may suggest one addition/modification/removal/idea per post.
  • If you suggest more than one thing, your first will be the only one taken into consideration.
  • There needs to be a company name, ethos, product, image etc.
  • If two suggestions counteract each other between revisions, the first suggestion will be put forward.

I want you to decide on everything and then I'm going to make it according to your instructions. With each revision, I'll post a new shot of the progress, hence why you're only allowed to make one suggestion per post.

This is an experiment. And I would like you to be part of it. I'm very serious about seeing this through because I want to see what's possible when creative minds come together and also when they clash. It's also to see if the project can get to a point where each contributer can agree that the project is complete.

This is not simply just a bit of fun, but a real experiment that I'd like to carry out with as many people on this forum. There's quite a number of you and I'd appreciate your help. Please don't suggest I turn everything a shade of pink with spots unless you genuinely think that is where you think the project should go. In other words, I want this to be a serious attempt at design.

So, to begin with, I'm posting my entire work area in Illustrator. It's up to you to decide what I do next. The filename is dbc.ai. Design By Committee. You choose what happens next...



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So do you want me to think of a company/logo or are you doing that?

This is going to end up worse than the 2010 logo - Should be good :D


Senior Member
Yes br3n, the company and logo are still non-existant. Perhaps it would be better if we followed a process. So, each of the below bulletpoints needs to be checked off in order.

  • What does the company do or sell?
  • What is the company's name?
  • What does their logo look like?
A simple three step process, but one which I want everyone's input on so we get to that final step. In other words, the very first thing that I would like from someone is what this company does or what it sells. It can be anything you like. Remember, one suggestion per post, please. If you've got a few ideas for what the company does or sells, pick the best one and run with it.

I notice that most people haven't decided to respond to this thread so perhaps it's not something people are interested in, but I strongly believe that once it gets going it could be worthwhile. You only have to look at the help we all gave Mike Buttery to see how useful group feedback can be.


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desigium, one suggestion only please, so I'll take your first suggestion that the company is to be an environmental charity/company.

Someone else now has the option of deciding what this company's main aims are. What does the company do? Do they sell anything to make a profit? Is the company reliant on donations?


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I'm not quite sure how supplying software would be very environmental. So let's say that it's an environmental initiative to help people get rid of their old computers for new ones.

Now someone else has the honour of choosing a name for this company.


Senior Member
How about they sell some type of eco food product along with getting normal donations to make a profit, well the money willl go back in to making the world a better place :)


Senior Member
Appsoft - An enviromental charity set up to promote the benefits of replacing your old computer with a new one.

Below is a simple wordmark to get the ball rolling on the logo design. You can tell me to change the font, colours, positioning, add shapes, logos etc. But only one suggestion per post.