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    Tracking down a Photoshop Technique

    Came across this awesome photo manipulation: Any ideas on the best way to replicate this effect in PS? Displacement mapping?
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    Hatch/Cross Hatch Style

    Vectoraster looks like it might be what I'm loking for. Do you think the original artist used something similar? And I LOVE Spoon Graphics blog :)
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    Hatch/Cross Hatch Style

    Looking to start doing some hatch shading. I'm trying to emulate this style: The line variation makes me think a tablet was used. But the consistency of the angle would be REALLY tough to do. While the faces might be hand drawn and scanned in, I think the lines were added after. What's the...
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    Elegant logo style?

    Anyone know what style these logos are or know a good tutorial on how to make something similar. Looks like custom made flourishes. Do you think they were done by hand?
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    Expanding a clipping mask?

    Hi Everyone! Was looking for some help solving an issue i’m running into. What I have is a pencil that is made up of a clipping mask. When I expand the shape and merge it, it looks all messed up. I’m trying to merge it so I can divide it. The top pencil is before expand and merge. The bottom...
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    Minimalist Geometric Shapes

    Hi there! Recently discovered these really neat geometric shapes. After doing some brief research they look like they were popular in the 70’s/80’s. My question is, does anyone know of any tuts or methods to create similar shapes?
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    Geometric Shape + Appearance Panel - AI CC2018

    Hey Guys/Girls - trying to replicate a cool design I saw (for practice) and am coming up short. I'm looking to do this: And here is where i'm stuck. I can't quite seem to get the angles to line up. Any help would be AWESOME! Thanks.
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    Fitting text inside a shape/object

    Yep - that worked really well. Thanks for helping me solve that!
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    Fitting text inside a shape/object

    Running into issues fitting text inside this shape. Type on a path isn't quite getting me there, and envelope distort is giving me some weird distortion (not in the right way) Could someone help me tackle this?
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    Text Warping in AI?

    Hi all! Trying to see if it's possible to warp text in AI like the word "Union" in the example image.
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    Illustrator CS5 Shapebuilder Tool Help

    Yeah, yeah. I'm using old software. Anyhow, can some help me figure out how the guy in this video (5:44 mark) draws "freehand" as opposed to ONLY straight lines with the shapebuilder tool? I can only draw straight lines from wherever I click. This makes it tough to combine shapes around a...
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    Customizing "Strokes"

    Drifter, running into an odd issue. As I stated above, I'm using illustrator CS5. When I try to use the Object>Path>Offset Path it's coming up with an odd result. You know why it's doing this?
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    Customizing "Strokes"

    Yeah, looks like I'm going to have to upgrade to CC. Not looking forward to paying for that!
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    Customizing "Strokes"

    Nice! Easier than the method I was going to try. The corner widget you're referring to, is that in AI CS5 or one of the new features?
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    Customizing "Strokes"

    Trying to figure out the best method to achive the angled effect at the end of a line. I’m assuming this is done by outlining the stroke and manipulating the points. Perhaps they are combining and deleteing segments with the shape builder tool? Anyone know what the style the “S” is? Looking for...