Elegant logo style?


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Anyone know what style these logos are or know a good tutorial on how to make something similar.

Looks like custom made flourishes. Do you think they were done by hand?



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Top one primarily is utilising filigree (bascally the 'leaf' shape) to represent the fur. Bottom is using filigree as the corner flourishes outside the shield.

You can get ready made filigree packs fairly easily or you can make themself.


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The top one may have been hand drawn or as a vector (just half of it, obviously, then copied and flipped).
The bottom one was most likely hand drawn and then various bits sourced and put together in Photoshop possibly.

You will struggle to find a definitive tutorial, but maybe Google 'escutcheon' drawing or shield/emblem etc.
A good initial sketch is required for either.
On youtube, you'll get lots of tutorial about logo design. And I think these designs are first made by designers hand then they take it into the tool. Then this kind of effect can be put into the design.