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If you pm/email the order number, invoice name or phone number used I can have a look at it, however as in the last post I can't say the outcome would change.


Hello Ian, so long has passed that I no longer have those details. But I'm sure John will remember if you ask him. I don't really expect anything as it's unlikely John has changed.
HI Ian,

thanks for the post.. good to see.

So how many people work for sense now - or did they just take on you as they realised John was killing business for them?

What i can't understand is the volume of orders they seem to get (even just by looking at this thread!) yet they are not even that well placed on search engines?

I hope you will actually do things when you say you will, unlike john...

Anyways, thanks for the info, and im glad things are looking like they are chaging.. let hope they do!


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I don't think the workforce has otherwise changed since the creation of the topic, the main purpose of me being here is doing all the small jobs which add up to a lot of time whilst being ready to take calls throughout, freeing up a lot of time for John (and others) to focus on the production side of things, rather than him pausing the folding machine for as much as 10 minutes at a time. They have been aware of how some are offput by John for some time before I've been here but it's more of a bonus remedy than a cause for it.

As for the volume of orders coming in, web optimisation isn't my area but it's probably down to cheapness and a quick turnaround. Word of mouth is probably the larger supplier, just as I saw a few posts saying this topic put people off the vast majority of orders do go through fine (can go weeks without an order returned and refund/reprint requested) which can work in the same way.

As I believe Boss posted in this topic nowhere is free from error, it's how you deal with problems which matters. What it seems more disliked rather than that it actually going wrong was the way it was dealt with and that's what I hope to improve on vastly but only time will tell how well that comes to fruition.


Thanks for the explanation Ian, I can see that you are genuinely hoping to put things right. Unfortunately though it's not just John's rudeness that put me off working with sense. The main problem was the lack of willingness to take responsibility for your own errors. As I already mentioned, I had a complaint just about every day when I was working with you guys. The fact that John controls payments and that he puts profits before reputation, left me dealing with angry customers I could not help as well as throwing my company's name in the dirt.
Now, couple that with the fact that each monh I would have to pester John to get MY commission cheque, and you'll see that John's rudness isn't the main issue here.
Unfortunately (by what you say) John's still pulling the strings there, this means that nothing has changed really...
Thanks for the PM by the way, I did not think that John would remember the £150 he owes me. At the end of the day that's only the reason why we had a final massive row and I nearly got trading standards out to see you guys. Not to worry, tell John I GIVE him the £150, that should pay for a years supply of Prozac to cure his grumpiness.
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First time I used Sense I had a problem with the print being late etc etc
But I have used them since then and had no problems at all!
I have also used Stationery Direct aswell and I found them very helpful and the print very good. Damon has always been helpful to me.

I also offer print and design like many others and I am building my business on referals and networking etc. I find its the best way to let people know how you work and it works for me!



I'm shocked

What, they still offer dreadful service?

I tried Sense Creative years ago and were appalled by them, I'm totally amazed how they manage to stay in business with their dreadful reputation and horrendous service and it just goes on and on for years, as does the dreadful feedback in forums like this.

Amazing. Really amazing.



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SENSE CREATIVE - Probably the rudest printers in the World!

I got introduced to Sense Creative via a friend and they printed about half a dozen jobs for me and they were what I would call cheap and cheerful. I decided to take on a reseller account and passed on a few more jobs. Didn't have a problem until - I got back some of the worst printing I have ever seen. Got an excuse about them upgrading their ctp. They eventually accepted the problem was at their end after having to make a few phone calls - I'd said that I would take it up with my credit card merchant. Instantly my reseller account was shut down at their end with no explanation to myself. After contacting Sense about this I was promised a refund of my reseller account - I was then put through to John - Mr Really Bad Customer Services Department - who basically told me if I was a printer then why was I using them - and he also put the phone down on me. So Sense where's my refund - which was promised back in June.


It seems that contrary to what they say after 5 years Sense Creative are still offering poor quality products with a customer service to match, the reason Sense don't really care is for every customer they alienate, there are another 100 muppets ready to place an order with them solely down to their cheap prices.

Until that ratio changes I do not expect them to change the way they run their business, if you are not happy with them like most of us on here vote with your wallets, pay a few quid extra and go elsewhere.

Mike H.

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Sense Creative Be Warned!!!!


Sense Creative are a family company, and as far as I know every member except for John is OK. I say as far as I know, because he rules the roost, and in a very tyrannical manner, so any queries are never resolved by anyone other than him.

He is one of the rudest and most arrogant people I have ever dealt with, and I can imagine him taking that as a compliment, so misguided is he about his importance in the scheme of things.

He puts the phone down - as has been mentioned - if the game is not going his way, what a complete amateur! He is sarcastic without being witty, he seems a bit dense in the brainbox, as it appears he has only a one-way system in the nerve-cell department, HIS way.

I think Tim (his son) is the real owner, but it is always John who is called when there is a major query, why that is so is a mystery.

He is a cheat and a liar as far as I am concerned, and I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER deal with them again as long as he is there.

He promised me a refund on some printing, and of course I never received it. He wangled out of his responsibility on another job involving my own business cards, which were clearly wrongly finished. He comes out with a thousand excuses why the job is wrong, or why I didn't follow the proper procedure etc.

If John ever leaves, they will have a half decent company. He is ruining things for everyone else there, in my opinion.

As for Ian and his post from Sense Creative, saying things will change, I have heard this before - it is a smokescreen. As long as John is answering queries (even in the background) things will remain the same, I think. God help his staff if he can presume to be so rude to actual customers.

I am so glad all this info is coming out, as the man needs a good lesson in life, and also how to be polite in business.

How he keeps going is beyond me, but the more posts that go up, the better informed anyone thinking of dealing with him will be.

Keep the reports coming.



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You should be aware that Sense Creative are most probably 'share a sheet' printers and therefore while their prices are cheap to you they wil be printing your job along with many others (actually just checked they only have B3 which means for an A5 only 4 to view - better than many - but he gets 4 x £90 for a 5K run).

He only prints in CMYK which is fine if you design in CMYK but you should be aware that certain Pantone colours (orange being a prime example) will not print well in CYMK and you will not get the result you expect. And you are restricting yourself to only using CMYK. . . what about Metallic colours, Pantone colours, G F Smith papers. . . etc - you get my drift.

Find a printer (ideally locally) and make friends with them. They want your business. They will look after you. You will pay more but do you want your clients to go to the cheapest designer there is or one of those 'logo design for a tenner' websites? No!

Support decent hardworking printers.


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As has been discussed on here, Sense Creative vary from being excellent to bloody awful. There stuff is cheap and when they deliver the quality is good for the price. One word of caution though, if you have ANY problems AT ALL then forget it, their customer service is terrible, just terrible. Jon is the rudest person I have EVER spoken with in my life and is dragging the company down big time.

Its a shame as apart from Jon they're a nice bunch, but if you ever have the misfortune to speak with him (and he's the only one who deals with complaints) then you will have a battle getting anything done. I speak from experience, i've had the phone put down on me numerous times for making a genuine complaint about a job. The problem is he always thinks you're trying to get one over on them and trying to fleece them!!! Instead of looking at the complain and accpeting responsibility he does and says whatever it takes to get out of it.

Without Jon's input Sense Creative would be a good business, I just can't understand why he's still there (ok, I know he's family but whats the point when they dont have a business left).

My advice is simple, if you like a gamble then Sense Creative are worth a shot as when it all works and they deliver on time, its all good. But if you have a problem, and you have to speak to Jon then this is where your problems will start!!!

Good luck!

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The reason they are so bad at what they do 80% of the time is that none of them have any print experience. Tim who is John's son and runs the presses is a Graphic Designer! The only training any of them have had is from the company they purchased the presses from. Would you pick a brain surgeon that had only had training from the scalpel company?

Feel sorry for any of you with orders needed the week before Christmas, don't expect that phone to be answered when your order doesn't arrive in time lol.


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Sense Creative (Stay Away From Them!!!!)

We have dealt with this company for more than 2 years with only a few problems. But now is the time to send business elsewhere for our print jobs.

They really need to learn a lesson... how to treat their customers. They make you look like a fool to your clients as recent experience has shown us.

We needed some flyers printed, only 250, maybe too small an order for them so why do they advertise that they can do this..... also 3 - 5 days turnaround.

I sent an order to them on 16 September 2010 and paid and then sent the PDF to them as done before. Got home checked my email, got one from someone called Tim saying that further action required in other words they did not receive the file. Sent it back straight away asking for response of receiving.... NOTHING IN REPLY FOR 2 DAYS.

Really feeling frustrated at not having any response from them, I emailed them many times as to when we could expect delivery to our client. Got an email from someone called Jo saying that she would get the job sent on Thursday 23 September. Then got an irrate phone call from the GRUMPY GUY saying it was our fault for not sending the file ontime. It was sent 2 minuites after placing the order for *** sake

He said that the order was sent out on Thursday so should be with our client on Friday. Nothing arrived on the Friday.

Our clients event was on the Saturday 25 September, so to cut a long story short we had to photocopy the flyer and print ourselves, and worst of all I had to travel to AYR, in Scotland on Saturday at 6.30am to get them to our client on time.

Our client informed us that the flyers ordered arrived yesterday 28 September, 4 days late of the event.

They really are Cowboys...... GRRRRRRRRRRRRR


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Sense Creative - Poor

Ive just come across this site today and after searching for anyone with experiences with Sense Creative and felt I had to join to voice my opinion.

I have just today received some business cards back from them which they have printed that contain a large amount of black in the design. I followed there request of C30 M0 Y0 K100 but the cards have come back looking a little on the grey side (almost as though they have used 90% black). Now after checking the artwork again and being satisfied everything was correct at my end I contacted them and instantly got John. Right from the start I found his customer service to be some of the worst ive experienced however he said he would have someone look into it and get back to me with a response.

There response came back shortly after saying:

'We have reviewed your artwork for this order and our control samples.
We are satisfied the cards have been printed correctly and within industry tolerances. We unfortunately will not be able to offer a reprint on this order.'

So i contacted them again to say that I was still not happy with there response and his attitude on the phone was just disgusting. Now he even admitted to me that my artwork was in accordance to there print requests but said that he had a copy of the print in front of him and it was definately black. After a very heated discussion he said he would look into it again and yet again the response was that they have printed it within the industry tolerances and they would not offer me a reprint.

They are without a doubt the worst company I have ever dealt with and now im left with having to get my cards re-printed by another company and im already out of pocket. Not good at all.

Sorry for the long rant guys but just had to add my experience to this thread


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Finally I can voice my opinion

Hi guys,

I run an online print site and we used to use sense for business cards and the occasional 170g job. However, recently I made a complaint in regards to the bashed packaging and they revoked out reseller discount because in their words:

Following your email from the 2nd February 2010 to myself and our MD Mr Tim Thompson. As you are unhappy with the services we provide we have decided to refund the cost of That Print Thing and the remaining value of your reseller account. The aim of this being that we will no longer be providing services to your company.

For those of you who don't know that Print thing is sense ecommerce site, which doesn't work btw, we tested it out, out of interest. However, we thought we could take advantage of the Spot UV upgrade.

Anyway, my point being is that Sense Creative are actually the worst company you could ever deal with if you are a print reseller, they will destroy your business and the worst part is they don't care. Remember their bad reputation will filter through to your customers and your customers will soon presume you offer the bad level of service they do. Which isn't substainable unless you're getting the volume they unfortunately do.

A couple of key points/warnings:
- Print is ok quality and if its goes well is good value for money, however if it goes wrong don't expect a reprint
- Customer service doesn't exist. In no shape or form, if you catch them on a good day maybe they'll be polite to you on the phone.
- The packaging is crap, looks like you've bought print from eBay from someone packaging it at home. I made numerous complaints about the packaging only to be ignored.
- They say they'll dispatch an order that day, but don't actually dispatch it. Lots of let down customers.
- Their prices aren't that cheap.
- They'll rip off your ideas.
- They'll slam the phone down on you if you complain.

The list is endless. The lesson learnt is don't go with sense creative if you want to survive in business.


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I agree that customer service is what it is all about. If a job is passable, you will think you have a bargain, but the problems start when a job goes wrong. This can happen to any printer, but how they deal with it is when you see what kind of value for money they offer.

In response to the "Share a Sheet" comment, this is an efficient way of keeping the costs down for the customer and the environment, it doesn't mean you will get a bad job, just make sure you find a printer who cares about your job as much as you do, the service you get is as important as the print quality.


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Are Sense Creative any good? I've heard many bad stories about them, what are they like? does anyone have any experiences with them?

It's just there prices seem very good and i wonder why and how!? are they like Vist*pri*t!?


We used this company for some business cards about a year ago and the service was really bad, the quality wasn't that great and apparently when you login to their website, if you make a mistake it still registers and sets you up as a new client. So if you think you're order hasn't went through beware, it probably as and if you do it again you will be charged twice!!!

We got caught out, don't let it happen to you!!



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Warning - Do Not Use Sense Creative

We have used Sense Creative for the last two year and have had issues with them since day once. From the initial order it is VERY clear that they are very inexperienced and have no idea what is acceptable.

They regularly miss delivery deadlines and have absolutely no colour consistency in repeat orders.

LASTLY, if you do ever have any print issues you will be passed to there MD, John who acts like a 2 year old child and will either scream down the phone at you or hang up.


All money paid has now been reclaimed directly thorough our bank as they physically stole from us and they are also now being investigated by Trading Standards.
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