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Are Sense Creative any good? I've heard many bad stories about them, what are they like? does anyone have any experiences with them?

It's just there prices seem very good and i wonder why and how!? are they like Vist*pri*t!?


Sense Creative - Crap!

They are hit and miss from my experince, there used to be some really bad threads about them on various forums which i contributed to after many incidents with them, although 99% seem to have noew been removed.

You may be lucky and it goes smooth for you which is does very rarely, but you will tear your hair out if there is a problem with quality. Their customer service is absolutely terrible, they didnt respond to my many emails, didnt phone me back after leaving about 6 messages, when I finally spoke to Jon i think his name was, he was very rude and unprofessional, I have never used them since!

Personally I would look elsewhere.
Yeh, i used them once and by mistake i put in the wrong name on the delivery section. I phoned them up and then guy went ape at me! I phoned about 6 times before getting him, he kept hanging up on me...

I think i might use stationery direct... prices seem really good.
Yep, same here.
Ive just spoke to one of the guy's there and he promised me a saturday delivery if i pay extra.

Guess what, i paid it and have been trying to chase someone about it to confirm that this will happen?

No answer from calls or emails!! well P*ssed of!!

Got to make some sort of explanation for my customer?
Yep, same here.
Ive just spoke to one of the guy's there and he promised me a saturday delivery if i pay extra.

Guess what, i paid it and have been trying to chase someone about it to confirm that this will happen?

No answer from calls or emails!! well P*ssed of!!

Got to make some sort of explaination for my customer?
yep... the older guy? really bad customer service. I just wondered if maybe it was just to me.. but it seems not!!
Sense Creative Reseller Program - Rubbish!!

Hello guys,

I only registered to give feedback about my experience with Sense Creative.

John Thomson (the grumpy guy) is not reliable, I worked with them for 3/4 months & looking back, I'd rather be kicked in the face than go back to them.

The problem with their system is that they control payments, you will only receive a commission at the end of the month.

In the time I was with them I had a complaint almost every day, Sense just ignored my calls, so I was left with a bunch of angry customers that I couldn't even refund. On one occasion (after i was threatened several times with a lawsuit) I had to refund around £150 out of my own pockets.

If you want to re-sell print you need to make sure you work with honest & competent people first & that you take payment from the customer second. Otherwise you won't have any leverage.

Based on my experience, I can safely suggest the following companies:

Stationery Printing > Letterhead Printing, Business Card Printing, Compliment Slips, NCR Pads
(speak to Damon)

Printing: Booklet, Brochure, Business Card and Flyer Printing
(speak to Josh)

1ClickPrint - Fast and Realiable Flyer, Poster, T-Shirt and digital printing for less
(speak to Ian)

RCS are very good, but also very expensive.


Flyer Printing & Business Card Printing
Best Resellers

I'd just like to say that I also had a dreadful experience with Sense Creative years ago, not as a reseller but just as a customer.

It sounds like not much has changed.

Anyone who is interested in reselling I'd personally strongly recommend reselling with Stationery Direct, I only have great words about their reselling service. Easy, fast, reliable. Lots of happy customers.

Sign up, you won't regret it for a second.

Sure, it seems they have dreadful customer services...!

i have an account and once i get my site up and running, you know where i will be going!! :d

It's that old dilemma, cheap or quality. They certainly tempted me with their nicely designed website, but I shan't be going near them now.
I'd just say NEVER go for VistaPrint. Went with them a few years ago and had the most lovely wonky, amazinly badly cut business cards
Sense creative, poor customer service

yep... the older guy? really bad customer service. I just wondered if maybe it was just to me.. but it seems not!!

Unfortunately what the company do not realise is John has put off many customers (including 3 that I introduced to them and now myself)

Stay away from this company P L E A S E

John is the rudest, non professional person ever!! You will have to speak to him if anything goes wrong (which according to all the complaints it will go wrong) and he slams down the phone on you if you say anything that he does not like eg can I have my order done correctly? no, then the phone goes down :icon_Wall:

problem is that once you pay you are stuffed therefore go with anyone except them
Sense Creative treat with extreme caution

Hi Guys
I'm like you, Matt. I only registered today because I've just had the most appalling experience with Sense Creative, so it doesn't look like much has changed. I've never come across someone so rude who manages to stay in business. The design they did for me was fantastic, but I will never, ever put any more business their way after the attitude from the owner (yes, he also put the phone down on me). I was also offered the extra charge for a Saturday delivery, so thanks for the advice - you just saved me a fiver!
Sense Creative - awful customer service & poor quality

I too have only joined this forum (sorry) to express my disapointment with Sense Creative.

This company may offer cheap prices but this comes at a cost that far outweighs the price paid, awful customer service (nobody answers the phone) and in the end a poor quality job that was delivered late.

They may have the fancy all bells and whistles website but the service and product that they produced in my opinion was poor.

Funnily enough I tried them after a complete nightmare with Print Carrier, I have now been stung twice by cheap online printers :icon_mad:
Sense Creative :icon_hide:

We set up a reseller account with them a few years ago now...didn't last long!! Need I say more!

Hi all, I'm a somewhat new employee at sense - mainly for customer services. I've been on phones and emails ([email protected]) since the latter end of July/early August.

Unless you phone up 12-1ish you won't get John anymore unless you ask for him. He is involved in almost all areas of the company and often takes it personally when someone says something negative about the company, leading to some customers feeling what's found in this and other forums. It is a shame that it happens but that will be in the past now.

Of course I can't promise that I can solve all issues to what would be an outcome you would like, I still work under the same guidelines after all. I just won't lose my temper or put the phone down without properly ending the conversation and if I say I'll get back to you I'll do so as promptly as possible.

If a problem comes from our end, we will either send out a reprint as quickly as possible or give a refund (minus 2.5% bankers charge), if the samples we hold don't show the problem it would require a full return of the product (if you used some, we can't know what the quality of those was like and have to assume they're the same as the rest) for inspection before action could be taken. However if it's from your end (little other than artwork problems) then there's nothing we can do.

As long as you have artwork which goes via our websites specifications - artwork supplied as RGB losing colours when converted to CMYK or black not being 30% cyan and 100% keyline (especially noticable with letterheads) are the most frequent problem since I've been here. If you also accept the 3-5 working day turnaround (from artwork approval) problems should be few and far between.

If you have any questions or even suggestions on what could be improved I'd be happy to take a look - email to the address above would be the most definite way to get through.
Glad you are talking things up Ian. As a gesture of good will and to demonstrate you guys are willing to put things right, why don't you ask John to refund the £150 I had to pay out of my pockets? (please see my previous post on this thread)


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