Im working on a Software engineering brand trying to get a logo sorted, Any pointers?


Its a software engineering brand. I need to somehow convey the business idea, yet keep it simple and timeless. please take a look at the ideas ive been playing around with in development and tear them to shreads, anything that has milage please point out. Ideas are welcome.


honestly, not a fan of any of them. work on spacing things out a little.. i have no idea if they are supposed to spell anything or f they are just shapes.
Also consider how they'll look when they are taken down to 50%, 25% etc.. its going to turn into a black blob.

sit down with a sheet of paper and doodle about 50-100 little thumbnails. you'll come up with something in no time x
Yeah that is the problem the size issue, theres no point to the binary as it will be undectectable. The word name is VERB, thats what the shapes are trying to get across. Thank you for your viewpoint, back to the drawing board.
Any thoughts on the last one - microchip V? Any milage in that?
I think that one has more potential but make it solid black and face on. it will be a load more memorable and striking in my opinion.

Obviously it would need spacing correctly. So you think i should go with something along this line? Colour or no colour?
They are not really working, try a typo logo, might work out easier. i'm sort of imagining a logo similar to VICE

What like this?

Trying to convey the business idea though... Doesnt say software to me.
What about this, if i take inspiration form the microchip?
The problem you've got is that none of your designs say 'software' because you're focusing on computer hardware (ie; microchips, processors, hard disks) which has nothing to do with software engineering. If you're keen on designing a logo that screams software engineering you need to consider what a layperson would immediately associate with that industry.... I know nothing about software engineering so as a layperson I'd say the words that jumps to mind is 'computer nerd'. If the company doesn't take itself too seriously why not play with the nerd thing?.. thick framed glasses etc... I think they call it geek chic
You do have a point but without hardware there would be no software... Thank you for the idea, The geek sheek may have some potential.
Have you asked the client what they want from the logo? how they want it to feel? the message it portrays? any relevant images to work from? any company colours?

I can understand your point about hardware and software being partially interlinked BUT it still doesn't change the fact that designing a hardware solution isn't solving a software brief. Think of it like you contacting a company for some bespoke software to help you with business accounts and instead they send you custom made laptop with an abacus glued to the lid. It's very nice but it isn't what you wanted!

I don't want to sound like I'm being harsh or anything (I'm trying to be constructive) but you do seem to have fallen into ignoring the clients needs in favor of churning out designs on screen in the hope that one works, and its really not good! You need to turn the computer off, read through the notes you've made or the questionnaire the client filled in then get a pencil and do some drawing. If you haven't got the information from the client, you're second guessing everything and will end up with a piss poor logo that doesn't work.
Hi Big Dave, your input is very valid. In this case i only have this:

The Name of the company - Verb, and what the business does: Software engineers for computing.

'Devise an alternative logo design, that creates effective abstract or literal communication.'

As you say this is probably why im struggling. In any case ive got to get something done. Thanks.
I which case (I'm assuming this is a college project?), the best thing you can do is set your own parameters but where you fall down with client knowledge make it up in research. Find out who already does this (locally and nationally), what they actually do, what solutions have they come up with to their own branding issue.. etc....

Every concept needs a reason for being and an explanation regardless of who it needs explaining to (client, college tutor, next door neighbors cat), that's where client questionnaires come in useful as you are able to pin it to things they have said. In this case you obviously don't have that but a little research (an hour or two copying the 'about us' sections from software engineering companies websites) will help you to get a feeling for the industry, the people that work in it and the kind of brand issues they're up against.

Good luck :)
Your right. Have you got an example of a client questionnaire, it might help me create the parameters myself. Ive done the hour or two of research on the about us pages.

I found this which could help me link the micro chip idea: 'Applied Software Engineering Ltd specialise in developing bespoke software for microprocessors or microcontrollers. Our clients are all manufacturers of electrical goods and have typically suffered from one of the following problems at some time or other'

Other points: NEC's brand statement, "Empowered by Innovation," expresses our commitment to empowering people and society through continuous innovation in every area of our businesses, fueled by our infinite passion for innovation and our customer-focused spirit of collaboration.


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It's good that you're moving the design along and trying other approaches but I still think you have a bit more sketching to do. When I first looked at you last version I straight away thought "that mouse pointer is screaming out to be made into the V" - and I am not saying that would make a great logo, just my initial impression.

I actually think you were on to the start of something with your earlier V microbug thing. Anyway that said look around on Google Images, searchy by "software engineering" and see what images come up, if anything inspires you. Because you're dealing with an IT subject it is very easy (and a bit lazy if I'm honest) to think "oo microchips, circuit boards, components" - a great logo comes from research, imagination, inspiration and sketching.

Keep going!