how to improve my website

Sorry to sound harsh but I would start again.

Irrespective of your web design (or graphic design capabilities), you have to be able to admit that your website isn't going to attract any potential customers.

Apart from the poor layout, fonts and uninspiring colours, your website has no content - at the very least, you can start added some images and examples of your work.

Spend a few hours checking out websites such as Home - Web design inspiration from siteInspire and then see what you can do to improve your site.

  • Some graphics would be nice
  • semantic markup (i.e. no tables for layout)
  • build to HTML5 standard rather than HTML4 (trans)
  • separate stylesheet and drop the 'inline' styles
  • let CSS take the strain of the layout rather than using empty tags to create spacing etc.
  • ask someone to proof-read the text for you
  • use meta data and the title tags effectively
  • take the spaces out of your URLs or you get '%20' in the middle of them
  • link your images correctly as they are missing at the moment

Hope that helps.
Firstly, don't offer web design as a service. Secondly, as Boss said get wordpress, buy a theme and then learn HTML/CSS.
Good point, seriously how can you offer website design as a service?

So many people do it. It is the main issue in our industry. 20 minutes 'getting to grips' with Dreamweaver design view and people think it is OK to use phrases like;

"Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are ways to design a website so that can help you get good page results on a search engine such as Google. An experienced web designer will create your website with this in mind..."

on their 'drag and drop' website. In my opinion it is one of the major reasons that so much of our work comes through recommendations and not 'cold' enquiries.

Paula Cole sang "Where have all the cowboys gone?" Answer: They are all building 'professional' websites :icon_wink:
It makes me shudder! This is also why designers are finding it so hard to charge proper prices for their work.
As others have mentioned, I think you need to go back to square one as far as web design is concerned.

What programmes are you using and what kind of tutorials are you using? I see from your previous posts you’re asking for a lot of very basic help.
Honestly, I don't see why people feel the need to publish websites like this. There are great platforms out there such as Wordpress, where a great theme can cost as little as £15, why don't people just use them? It's there for a reason.
On reflection, that comment seems a little harsh.
I just think, if you haven't got the skills, use a platform that displays your work the best of it's abilities.
Not every designer will want to design their own website I'd assume.:icon_cheers:
In that case then he probably should design his own site, but to sell web design services, it's going to have to look better than it does currently.
Or, he could maybe just work with Wordpress, converting and making templates to suit people etc...that would work.
No further word from the original poster on this? How are you getting on True Graphics? I have seen you posting around the forums but not come back to this thread, have you taken any advice on board? I think there are some VERY valid points, you are still putting a link to your website at the bottom of everything you post, but the website has not changed.
I fail to see how you can justify offering a service, the standard of the work/website is way below average.