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  • You seem like the type of guy i've been looking for to give me a bit of help. Maybe you could give me a few tips on the website and what to do next. To be fair though i'm only doing websites for people who have just started out in business themselves
    Thanks a lot for your replys people. I've only just started out since i finished college and i'm really still learning how to make websites through the making of my own website so for the time being its not going to be some flash corporate website. As time goes on though and as I get more experience I will be adding to it and making a lot of improvements to it. You yourself Boss Hog said that this is what you were making back in 1999. Well I see that as a positive because that shows i'm on the right track to making a better website. I'm just using tools I have at hand. All I have at the moment is notepad.

    Thanks anyway
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