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    A3 canvas printing

    Order it tonight and ill make sure its out tomorrow - make sure to PM me your order ref. Thanks Pete
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    Website Programmer needed

    Hi I would be happy to help you with this, got good experience working with templates. Would be around the £150 mark for the changes required and making it IE ready. Let me know Pete
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    A3 canvas printing

    10-12 working days but if you order today and let me know your order number i will make sure it goes out Tuesday (first posting day) :-) Pete
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    A3 canvas printing

    Im running a promotion at the moment.. its A3. Its a HP z2100 they are printed on. A3 canvas print – Fast Canvas Prints – National - kgbdeals £9.99 plus p and p.
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    .NET Site Development

    Hey, Not posted on here in a LONG time, but have a job i need quoted for. Basically i have expanded rapidly into Canvas Prints, having now sold about 1500 prints, i think the website needs a bit more work to help smooth out the ordering process. Its a .net order process which has been...
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    £5 per page

    I agree with 10th way.. defo ATLEAST £10 per page you will find they come back about 3-4 times for each page with textual changes and so forth...
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    Sense Creative

    HI Ian, thanks for the post.. good to see. So how many people work for sense now - or did they just take on you as they realised John was killing business for them? What i can't understand is the volume of orders they seem to get (even just by looking at this thread!) yet they are not even...
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    New Site?

    yeh.. sorry but i have to say, number one pet hate - one page websites. definatly right about header image, way to big and doesnt really have much info in it either.. phone number.. etc i would think you should use more of the cymk colours, and leave it the way it is with regrads to the...
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    To print business cards or not print business cards?

    Well it completely depends on what your going to be doing. A few questions to ask yourself: what will you be doing that will involve you needing a business card? how often will you be doing that? whats the card being used for? just info? sales item? mini flyer etc? what quality will you get...
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    Anyone finding Twitter useful for finding new clients?

    I haven't really put THAT much into twitter, however i do believe i could really get some good customers from it. Had a couple of people being interested but no sales yet. only have 185 followers.. not got round to getting more!! However i have found if you are prepared to put in time and...
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    Link Building

    Thanks for your help guys. i would be more than happy to swap links with you chris. drop me a PM. so how do i get a higher PageRank?
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    Link Building

    Hey Guys, just looking for some stories and tips about link building. Basically we have been trying to build as many links as we can recently, and over the weekend sent 200 emails to graphic designer to ask if they wanted to exchange links.. we got 4 back...! Thats a 2% return link rate...
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    SSL Certificate

    okay.. go daddy? Yeh Daily do, however they want £75 for it.. i just wanted something a bit cheaper..
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    SSL Certificate

    Hi Guys, i need an SSL certificate, but cheap. I have found this but is this any good and how is it so cheap? can i use it with my website: Toye Graphics i am hosted with Daily. Cheers guys!! Pete
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    Need to be able to get emails @ work @ home and on Iphone

    Okay, you have a work pc, a MacBook and an iPhone. You have one email address, setup each computer/phone to download emails from the server of the email account. Set it to leave the emails on server after download, for 30 days. This means if you go on holiday for 2 weeks, when...