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Not posted on here in a LONG time, but have a job i need quoted for.

Basically i have expanded rapidly into Canvas Prints, having now sold about 1500 prints, i think the website needs a bit more work to help smooth out the ordering process.

Its a .net order process which has been developed by a colleges friend, who has made a great job on it so far, but is unable now to continue supporting it going forward.

The website address is Fast Canvas Prints | Photo Canvas Printing | Cheap Canvas Printing Edinburgh | 0131 208 1858. The work i need doing is as follows but in general the process to be much similar to https://www.yourimage2canvas.co.uk/secure/photos-to-canvas.php

  1. Image upload function upgraded to a more advanced uploader (something a bit more graphical and in keeping with the site design) NOT OF HUGE IMPORTANCE
  2. All the buttons in the order process to be styled to be inkeeping with the website.
  3. The basket need upgraded so its much more professional looking (i did this bit myself - as you can tell its not 100% perfect)
  4. The voucher code box needs clicking twice to actually apply a code, needs fixed so it only needs to be clicked once.
  5. The image cropping function, if you look closely it currently it done on the one page whereby the image is cropped and then you select the size and wrap type. I would like this moved into two separate pages.
  6. The image colour map selection, i would like ti to add a cost of when black and white is selected, and also to add a cost if no wrap is selected. much like: https://www.yourimage2canvas.co.uk/secure/photos-to-canvas.php except they dont charge but you can see what i mean.
  7. Sometime people get a server error, this needs to be fixed but is not a huge issue as its very uncommon.
  8. A very basic admin section where i can see all orders and send emails on dispatch etc - does not need to be advance, just something simple.

I look forward to people quotes, ideally this would be going ahead in the next week or so but would appreciate quotes asap so i have a better idea of pricing.


I'll hold my hands up and admit that this isnt something I know anything about and so would normally run a mile from but..... I've recently started working with a web development company who are s**t hot at e-commerce so have passed this info on and will hopefully be able to PM you very soon with an idea of pricing.



Not posted on here in a LONG time, but have a job i need quoted for.


I am primarily an ASP .NET developer and use it for all my ecommerce projects. I'm sure I could get to grips with all this stuff, but without seeing the state of the code I'd find it difficult to put an accurate figure on this.

Happy to discuss it.

All ecommerce sites in my portfolio at Site Engine are bespoke and built in ASP .NET.

Give me a call during the week on 0117 9594439 or 07703095661 if you'd like to talk it through. Or pop me an email ([email protected]) or PM.

Stephen Chown
Site Engine
Hiya, I'm new here but I know we can help with this. E-commerce is our bread and butter. If you have already got someone to sort it not a problem.

I'll PM you with the information :)