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    How can you find job for beginner.

    it is best if you find job from job portal site.
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    Logo Comparison

    first one is best.
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    VnX Design critique wanted.

    symbol is small and font are long so it is not perfect logo keep both are same.
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    Seeking feedback: 2D & 3D concepts

    in 3d concept i cant find any 3d effect in first view. so it is a bad design.
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    Library logo

    Good design. i like it.
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    what's wrong with this logo ?

    Wrong selection of font in bottom in "overhoud"
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    Wordpress E-commerce Site?

    if you want to setup dropshipping store i prefer Shopify
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    Improvements required

    you need to add image of teeth somewhere in logo so it would be get idea by someone in first watch.
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    Any advice?

    why not hire someone for making perfect and meaningful logo.
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    email marketing

    Email marketing is a way to reach consumers directly via electronic mail. Unlike spam, direct email marketing reaches those interested in your business’ area of expertise. The information is sent out more like a laser-guided missile than a bomb: No matter what you’re selling, it is a way to...
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    The end of minimal web design ( for now )

    not likely those type day comes in the future because almost everyone have own thinking so few people like a minimal or simple design and few people like an heavy design.
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    Portfolio review - IAMDAN

    site load is very fast now. overall design i like it.