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    Logo Feedback Home Furnishing Business

    Currently designing a logo for a friend of mine who is starting a home furnishings business. The two names are her grandfathers who sadly passed away fairly recently. She wanted something fairly simple, and classy/professional looking. Your feedback is appreciated and which option do you...
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    Funk Logo

    Hi All, Im in the process of designing a logo for a client who's opening a venue which is a nightclub/bar. The name of the venue is "FUNK" the client wants a unique logo which looks well erm funky i guess. Ive attached a few variations 3 of which are the same with slightly different colour...
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    Logo Design for Symmetry Business Marketing

    yeh really like it, clean, clear and relatively subtle.
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    Logo Feedback Please

    Thanks for all your feedback so far very helpfull, To be honest not really a fan of using effects on logos usually, but on this one wanted it to look a bit more 3 dimensional or tactile (as if it was a button i guess). The logo is vector based drawn in ai, bevels have been applied in ps. O.k...
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    Logo Feedback Please

    Hi All, Im designing a logo for a Dj/club promoter, he's launching an event called "PLAY" the logo will eventually be used on the flyers, website, c.d's and other merchandise business cards, etc. He wanted a fairly plainish logo but possibly encorporating the Play symbol. After designing the...
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    need help graphic designing software

    CS4 is the industry standard, its quite a comprehensive piece of software, but still relatively user-friendly and easy to get going on. So I would definitely recommend this especially if he's interested in a career in design. Hope this helps. Paul
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    Flyer design feedback please

    ha ha Cheques in the post Boss!
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    Flyer design feedback please

    Hi all, Thanks for your feedback, very helpful. Ive re-disigned the flyer quite bit now, i think now it has more of a club feel. I wanted to steer away from the normal club flyer design styles which i think often tend to look the same i used the Cillit bang theme as it would be pretty...
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    Recommend me an Office Printer

    Hi Chris, Recently bought an Epson Stylus Photo PX700W Photo All In One. Which I highly recommend as printing quality is exceptional, fairly fast too and pretty reasonably priced. Might be worth a look, link attached. Epson Stylus Photo PX700W Photo All In One Printer with:
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    Flyer design feedback please

    Hi Pixel, Thanks for the feedback, i agree with what you said about the uplifting text this was the main area i wasn't sure with. I think i'l have another look at that. Will have to try it landscape as well i think that could work quite well, i think the main header could fill the space...
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    Flyer design feedback please

    Hi all, Fairly new to the forum, Ive been asked to design a flyer for a club promoter for a night called "The Whole Shabang" its not quite finished yet as there are a few elements im not happy with but id be grateful for your thoughts and opinions. A bit strange i know but the inspiration...
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    Website graphics needed

    Hi Ric, Sounds like a project i would be interested in being a poker nut myself. just sent you a pm. cheers Paul