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haha, i like the idea of that.

For me though I think it might be suited more to a landscape format.

The text underneath (uplifting etc) seems very weak compared the the very powerful centre piece. I think it could be made a little stronger to balance everything up a little more.

good job though :icon_thumbup:
Hi Pixel,
Thanks for the feedback, i agree with what you said about the uplifting text this was the main area i wasn't sure with. I think i'l have another look at that.

Will have to try it landscape as well i think that could work quite well, i think the main header could fill the space better in a landscape format.

Thanks again
I think the pink needs to be made slightly darker and 'uplifting deep funky house' looks odd, needs to blend in with the rest of the text.
I think its missing a little bit of a club feel personally. I like where its going, I'm just thinking if I was in a club and saw it as it is I'm not sure how much attention I'd pay it because it looks so much like a product ad. Could use the swirls in the background to give a DJ/dance club theme maybe. Or change the colours a little. Just an idea.

Maybe the way to solve the text problem is to seperate the ad a bit rather than have the whole thing like the product ad. The DJ's could be clearly displayed at the bottom etc. Again just an idea
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Hi Paul,

The first product that comes to my mind is washing powder. That's not necessarily a bad thing though. I have a record by New Order called Run 2 designed by Peter Saville where the cover design is based on Bold washing powder. Bold are credited on the cover too! It reminds me of that. Both designs are music related too. I'd say this design is halfway there. Maybe use less typefaces. Pink's fine but perhaps use darker colours to create some contrast. Shabang is fine. It stands out well. Possibly add a halo to bring it out even more.



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...just seen your inspiration. That's the sort of thing I was thinking of. Looked at it after I first replied!
So if that was your intention to give it that kitchen product look then you've done it well!

Hi all,
Thanks for your feedback, very helpful.

Ive re-disigned the flyer quite bit now, i think now it has more of a club feel.
I wanted to steer away from the normal club flyer design styles which i think often tend to look the same i used the Cillit bang theme as it would be pretty unique and it works well for the name of the night.

Please check out the new design:

Again feedback and opinions welcome.

Thanks again
Definitely an improvment the top left text still looks a bit odd though maybe slant it in line with the rest of the text. The womans under arm and pit looks grey. Sort that out and alls good.
Looks much better landscape and a definite improvement on the last.

Hope you will be paying my partner royalties for using her photo though :icon_biggrin: