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Currently designing a logo for a friend of mine who is starting a home furnishings business.
The two names are her grandfathers who sadly passed away fairly recently.

She wanted something fairly simple, and classy/professional looking.
Your feedback is appreciated and which option do you prefer.

Albert & Aubrey idea 2.jpg
To be honest I'm not sure i like the ampersand sitting in the first A initial. It works for the second but looks awkward and a little messy in the first. Personally I like just the text on its own from the second design with maybe some emphasis put on the ampersand, keeping it clean and simple.
I think you've probably got something nice if you removed the & from the conjoining A's and put it somewhere else. I'm sure it'd be quite easy to create a nice mark with the 2 connecting A's on their own. With the &, it does look very similar to the V&A logo.
I like the ampersand joining the 2 A's. It creates a nice stand alone distinctive marque.

I can see the comparison to the V&A logo but it is in no way a direct copy, not even the same font and the balance and position of characters is totally different. Comparison verges on saying any logo that now features a serif font and an ampersand is the same as the V&A logo.

My tuppence worth on the design would be that i would try to make it a bit more unique. I would probably introduce gaps to the thin areas of the ampersand to make it more of a suggestion that the eye fills in. I'm also having a little issue with continual diagonal line created by the right hand side of the A's contrasting to the much more open left side. It feels a bit like it cuts it off from the rest of the name. Perhaps staggering the position of the A's or again customising the letters in some way. Just a thought.