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Hi All,
Im in the process of designing a logo for a client who's opening a venue which is a nightclub/bar. The name of the venue is "FUNK" the client wants a unique logo which looks well erm funky i guess.
Ive attached a few variations
3 of which are the same with slightly different colour combo's ive flipped the word Funk and place it behind as i think this adds some interesting shapes/elements to the overall design, but undecided if this enhances the logo design or makes it a bit too busy.
Colours are subject to change so looking for feedback on the concept.

Thanks in advance.

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Sorry, but it looks like is said Fuk. The top left is the best though as the other 3 are way too busy for a logo.
As Timmo said

Needs to be simple, simple works for logos, that might also get turned into a neon light seeing as its for a nightclub/bar, so something that might work for that too.

While your at this stage remove colour completely, keep it black and white until a shape/word/design has been roughly ok'd

Colour at this stage will hamper the process of getting sign off as it draws on emotions which cloud the judgement of getting the design sorted first
the top left one is the you said the others are ait busy to be honest....and the top left one would look good as a neon-light or on a buisness card (cant rember what there called, the card for the club)
I can see what your trying to do, but it does spell 'fuk' at the moment.

Maybe use the right hand upright on the 'u' as the left hand side of the 'c' possibly. I don't think your too far away, I'd steer clear of the colours your using though.
The laws of good design

Agreed, you need to work on readability.

Also what concept are you trying to convey with the curves and blending? What experience/product/service does Funk offer - think about that when designing for inspiration.

Some tips on designing practical usable logos for business: Truly Ace Graphic Design Blog

I'd leave it.

It makes a wicked practical joke.

I sometimes slip in the odd comical element into my design especially if the client is being a fuk...:icon_lol: