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    Build a poster for a poster - cash payment!

    What an absolute joke! So now somebody has done it for £20 and makes the whole industry look like a joke. How is anybody supposed to compete with that and still be able to feed and cloth themselves? Brings me onto my next point - the amount of people who have photoshop and assume I can do...
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    Brand Guidelines...

    The request was for quite a simple set of guidelines, which took me a couple of hours to put together. Because i hadn't included this in the original price i just charged my hourly rate for those 2 hours.
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    My Final Design

    Hey Chris, Have to say i preferred the last draft you came up with. I like the subheader and the layout size etc. The links at the top just seem to blocky for my liking, maybe the stroke is just thick on the letters (especially the M's) Just my 2 pennies worth :icon_smile:
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    Working in Australia

    Thanks bud! The best of luck for getting out to OZ!
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    Working in Australia

    This is the EXACT boat i am in at the moment - however I am trying for Canada. Basically in January this year i applied for my 1 year working Visa, which i now have. As of October the 6th i am off to Vancouver and basically it is a case of finding a job and getting sponsored! Who knows if it...
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    Brand Guidelines...

    Awesome guys! This is what i imagined. An extra charge it is then!!
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    Brand Guidelines...

    Cheers guys! I would maybe of chucked these in for free if i was paid a decent rate for the logo but that was not really the case! Thanks as always! :icon_thumbup:
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    Brand Guidelines...

    Evening all! Have been asked by a company I produced a logo for to create a brand guideline for this new logo. Is this something that should be charged for or should it ideally be covered in my original logo pricing? Any advice is as always appreciatted Ciao!
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    Stationery of Horror

    that is genius! Some very clever sods out there!
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    Printing CMYK issue

    To all printers on this forum - hopefully you can help me out with this. Why would printing photographs in CMYK cause a ghosting effect, really noticable on faces. We are using an HP 5500 and if we ever need to get past this we have to print in RGB for it to print fine. If a poster doesn't...
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    3D Design

    Good afternoon people! Have any of you ever tried to use 3D in your designs? Is it even possible? and if it is does anybody know of a tutorial that explains how to put something together? I am not talking Avatar or anything like that. Just the standard red and green lense glasses. If...
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    Any ideas?

    Very good find! thanks very much for that! My friend also says thank you!
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    Any ideas?

    Hey people! Any ideas what font this would be? my font knowledge is not the greatest so your help would be cooooooooooool! :icon_notworthy:
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    Deposit rules?

    Good evening to you all. I apologise if this has been asked here before but i have searched and can't find anything. Basically when creating a logo, I like a lot of people offer 3 options and then a set number of revisions. Something that I have never had happen, is somebody doesn't like...
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    Books on colour printing processes etc

    found this reccomended by Mr pixels ink - "Getting It Right In Print" Looks good. Again any others are welcome :icon_biggrin: