Deposit rules?

Ben Ja Min

Good evening to you all. I apologise if this has been asked here before but i have searched and can't find anything.

Basically when creating a logo, I like a lot of people offer 3 options and then a set number of revisions. Something that I have never had happen, is somebody doesn't like any of the 3 (i am sure it is only a matter of time) What is the rule here? Keep the deposit? as i have obviously put the work in and need to pay the bills and tell them they should try somebody else? As I say it has not happend YET but would like to know what to do when the situation rears its butt ugly head!

Thanks guys and girls
We ask for money up front and send proofs along the way until the client is happy - no refunds. Just make sure your T&C's are clear and precise. Lots of luck!:icon_smile:
No refunds

No refunds here either.

If the client doesn't like any of the three concepts, they still have to pay for them, if they want to have more concepts, they can pay for more. Those are my terms and it's not putting off the custom, so don't be afraid to be paid for all of your design time.

The important thing of course is to find ways to ensure that you satisfy the clients design needs within the 3 concepts so that you don't get into that ugly situation.

It happened to me about twice (they didn't like the three concepts) and to be honest I did another one or two concepts in both situations without charging. I wanted client design satisfaction with no bitterness, which I felt was more assured with them not having to pay more for extra concepts and because it happens so very infrequently for me (literally about twice in 6yrs) I could afford to be generous.

But my terms and conditions say they will have to pay more if they want more than three and so I can enforce it if I want to, and it also prevents me from attracting chancer clients who may take unfair advantage of 'satisfaction guaranteed' type situations.