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Ben Ja Min

Evening all!

Have been asked by a company I produced a logo for to create a brand guideline for this new logo. Is this something that should be charged for or should it ideally be covered in my original logo pricing?

Any advice is as always appreciatted

It depends on how much you charged for the logo. Guidelines for logo usage don’t need to be particularly long, so you could throw it in for nothing... or you could persuade them to have guidelines covering absolutely everything and make another job out of it.
Don't do it for nothing. A logo design is what they originally asked for. If they want guidelines, it's going to take you some time, so charge them for it.
Cheers guys! I would maybe of chucked these in for free if i was paid a decent rate for the logo but that was not really the case!

Thanks as always! :icon_thumbup:
Unless you accounted for it in your original quote (if you had then you would have produced guidelines) then you should charge.

Ideally any logo design should have guidelines incorporated. A lot of clients want a 'cheap' logo and so you obviously cannot produce guidelines to accompany it.

Good example of branding guidelines are the ubuntu ones. I've attached a link here

Good luck, send a link when your done, be good to see them :)
Creating brand guidlines is a significant time investment, you're a business - the client will understand if you position it correctly.
how much extra did you apply for the brand guidelines?

The request was for quite a simple set of guidelines, which took me a couple of hours to put together. Because i hadn't included this in the original price i just charged my hourly rate for those 2 hours.