3D Design

Ben Ja Min

Good afternoon people!

Have any of you ever tried to use 3D in your designs? Is it even possible? and if it is does anybody know of a tutorial that explains how to put something together? I am not talking Avatar or anything like that. Just the standard red and green lense glasses.

If anybody has any knowledge on this i would love to hear it

many thanks
There is a plugin in Both After Effects and Nuke that allows you to turn film/video into 3D, using dual offset colour (red and green). I suppose you could then output a frame as a still image and print it off.
We had a wallpaper design for Paul Smith a while back which used a very sharp red and dense cyan to achieve the 3D result.
But I couldn't begin to tell you what rules to apply for achieving it. It was simply a case of trial and error. But the wallies at our end didn't take into account that you need 3D glasses to test each print, so I had to wait a week for somebody to supply them, it was pretty amusing. Obviously the 3D glasses vary in colour too, so be mindful of this.

The background for our initial test was very dark, but when this was lightened, the effect was enhanced. So just to clarify, it is possible, you just need patience.