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WANTED: Halco Sunbury Visualiser / Grant Enlarger

Discussion in 'Classifieds: For Sale & Wanted' started by cegd, Jun 9, 2015.

  1. cegd

    cegd New Member

    Anything considered, preferably within 50 miles of Norwich so can collect. Must be in good working condition.

    Thanks! :)
  2. roxley

    roxley New Member

    Grant Enlarger

    Are you still looking for a Grant Enlarger?

    We have one circa 1980 left over from our work as textile designers. Let me know if still looking and I can let you know about condition and we can discuss money etc. Not looking for daft money.

    Richard Oxley
  3. cegd

    cegd New Member

    YES!!! Still looking. I had one myself in the 80s but gave it away when we closed the studio, so an 80s model is absolutely fine. Whereabouts are you? How is best to correspond?
  4. Lantern15

    Lantern15 New Member

    Hi, we have a grant projector available in Norfolk if anyone's interested?
  5. Pauli

    Pauli New Member

    I have a grant enlarger for sale, it is in perfect condition, it comes with a selection of spares ie. new fluorescent tubes, switches
    and lenses. Based in Inverness-shire. Sensible offers.
  6. richardson

    richardson New Member

    hey... dunno if you are still looking but i have a grant enlarger you would be very welcome to have for free... haven't used in years so will need some WD40 style tlc but used to be great...
    i never had the hood tho'... lovely old cream enamel, probably 50's
    we are moving house in a month so will be looking to find it a good home... shame to just chuck it... we are in north hampshire... gimme a shout if you'd like
  7. crimmins

    crimmins New Member

    Hello richardson, I am currently looking for a Grant Enlarger for my students. I am based in Dublin but could organise collection. Is it still available? Thanks, crimmins
  8. richardson

    richardson New Member

    hello sir... yes indeed you are very welcome... we just moved house and i bought it with me!
    i do love it but of course don't really need it these days - kept it because is a classic only didn't want to simply scrap it...
    i'll take some photo's and send them over if you like so you can see for yourself no problem... you can have it for nothing if you can come and get it...
    we are in a village called Kingsclere which is north Hampshire... M4 to Newbury then 9 miles east towards Basingstoke (about half way)... RG20 5NQ
  9. crimmins

    crimmins New Member

    The photos would be great thanks Kevin.
    I will look into organising a courier.
    Much appreciated and very excited,
  10. Alan Kidd

    Alan Kidd New Member

    I have on if you are still interested.
  11. David Lade

    David Lade New Member

    I have a Grant Enlarger available free to a good home. (It's the cream model with a hood) It hasn't been used for a few years but is stored in the utility room and looks in good condition (London NW1).

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