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Shropshire County Council Logo


Some shocking work in there! I like the overlapping wave elements, but the use of type is dreadful!
The most complete logos look like they belong to a council department from the 50's!
Now, if they'd asked me....!

Stationery Direct

Staff member
lol, the problem in my opinion is that there are too many overpaid old folk in suits making the important decisions on things (I know this as my partner works for this council).

They tend to go for traditional/boring and I suspect only the traditional/boring 50's looking ones made it through to the elimination process. They probably chucked in a few of the kids designs to look like they are this forward thinking/modern/hip council, when it comes down to it one of the ones designed in-house will be chosen.

@ Paul, just taken a look at your websites, that's a very impressive client list you have there :icon_thumbup:
What a shame, the use of tired old coat of arms logos that mean nothing to anyone still exists and are being used here. The school kids logos are far better than the designers attempts.

Why not take the opportunity to create an exciting logo that can make everyone proud of the county, a missed opportunity I fear!