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Discussion in 'Graphic Design & Logo Design Critique:' started by ch3tzy, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. ch3tzy

    ch3tzy Senior Member

    Can I get some feedback on these two logo's :

    very different styles..
    will be for my portfolio site (shown in sig)

    Also the 2nd logo do you read as eo or e8?

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  2. pangolin

    pangolin Member

    Don't really read the E as an E on the first one, and the second looks like 'eo' to me, sorry! Does it look odd if you rotate it so it's the 8 shape that is upright and the e at an angle?
  3. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    I like the first one... Kinda techy so I think it will be a very subjective logo.
    And the second one indeed looks like EO.
  4. tim

    tim Senior Member

    turn the first one on it's side...?! i like the idea of the second one, if you're following the same logic as me. maybe the "e" ontop of the "0" would make an "e" and an "8"?
  5. ch3tzy

    ch3tzy Senior Member

    Pangolin, Onartis, Tim

    Thanks for feedback, have made changes...
    the e at an angle didnt look right for kept it straight..

    Updated on first post
  6. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    Now the last one looks like EB but the other one is looking better. Try to make the transition from the 2 characters more fluid so it looks more like they're connected instead of just two letters on top of each other.
  7. ch3tzy

    ch3tzy Senior Member

    ^ ARGHHH! lol.
    Yeah the last getting scrapped!

    The reason why I liked the first one is because of the way they feel connected. evolve = playing on the word design moving forward changing in time etc...

    agree 2nd one need more work..but could it be the fact that we know as designers how the logo is created that's whey it looks like just two letters on top?

    ill keep at it, thanks for the input guys.
  8. Kevin

    Kevin Senior Member

    Well I wouldn't have done it like you did, using two characters. I would have taken one character (an 8) and modified the top part to resemble an e. :)
  9. ch3tzy

    ch3tzy Senior Member

    oh ok I see what you mean, back to drawing board
  10. pangolin

    pangolin Member

    I'm liking the third one, it reads as an e and an 8 to me, but then again maybe because I know that's what it's meant to be. It wouldn't be the typical way to write/read two seperate characters though so I think it works.
  11. tim

    tim Senior Member

    Yeah, defo like the 3rd, i feel so clever :p
  12. Adam

    Adam Senior Member

    I like the 3rd one too, but i can't help but feel i've seen it somewhere before
  13. ch3tzy

    ch3tzy Senior Member

    3 one wins the vote..

    Kudosis, have you got a idea where you may have seen the logo...or something similar to it?

    Cheers mate, I wasn't too keen on the idea of it at start, but i do like it now..

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