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Increase Facebook/Twitter followers??

Stationery Direct

Staff member
Any tips/ideas? Do you think a competition would be a good idea? For example, win an iPad and to be in with a chance just follow us on twitter...and facebook for an extra entry into the competition?

What do you think?

yes, I have seen competitions such as add us to facebook or like us and win a product.
Be the 100 person to add us to facebook and win a years supply of t-shirts.
Think it could be a good way of getting followers but it would just depend on whether you'd value those followers at the equivalent of, say, an iPad.
Just my 2ps worth but if i see anything with "win an ipad" i mark it as spam and run like the wind cos there are SO many companies (especially on Twitter) that claim to be able to offer you an ipad, and a LOT are scams.

I do think some sort of competition to rally up newbies would be ace, but why not make a monthly design competition or something like that? Granted, retweeting something is much easier!

Maybe for the re-tweet prize drawer have smaller prizes that can be given away more often - pantone mugs, posters, free copy of OSX Lion etc.
Frequent offers of smaller items is a nice idea - perceived as being more achievable (and is). Don't go for a specific number of followers - something like anyone who followers in the next 24 hours.