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Free Font of The Week


Sean Lee-Amies

There has been a lot of progress in the domain of free fonts and often it can be very rewarding to explore some of those options. You don't usually get the same level of flexibility that you do with professional, paid fonts, with their many different weights and styles, but when you just need a font to perform one or a couple of specific roles, such as a title, you can get some fantastic results with many free fonts!
So, every week I'll be finding a really cool new free font to share with you all. Apologies if I forget, I'm not used to doing these things on a regular basis!
If you do end up using any fonts listed below, please come back and tell us about the project you used them for!
Week 1 Free Font:
Hagin Serif

by Fontfabric Type Foundry

Hagin is a new serif free font from Fontfabric constructed with strong geometric forms in ”old school” style. Applicable for any type of graphic design – web, print, motion graphics etc and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters, logos. Have fun!

“In Use” samples was designed by Miroslav Bekyarov for Fontfabric.

FREE Download Link

I personally love this font and have already used it in one of my projects! With this download you can get a medium and thin version.

Sean Lee-Amies

This next font is something that I've been saving for use in a website development project. My plan is to use it as the primary typeface for any kind of promotional offers. The business itself is specifically to do with crafts so it makes for a perfect fit. Perhaps a bit of a niche typeface but I reckon you'd be able to find plenty of other uses for it!
And so I introduce to you the second weekly free font:
BY: Lost Type Co-Op
First appearing as a number set, Ribbon is now a full display face, including Opentype features for an alternate alphabet.

FREE Download Link - Download button is on the right of this page, please donate some money to them if you love it!

Sean Lee-Amies

Hey guys, apologies for not posting on Monday! I was on a camping trip at the start of the week and have been playing catch up since! To make up for it I'll give you next weeks font early!
This time around I wanted to focus on web design and so I went out and found some great looking fonts specifically for this purpose whilst also avoiding the ever popular Google Fonts Library. However, whilst I did try, it was proving to be quite difficult and overly time consuming challenge, so I gave in :(

Week 3 Free Font:

by Lost Type Co-op

Fairview is a condensed sans serif, with small cap alternates, inspired by the industrial lettering of the 20th century.

Week 4 Free Font:
Ledger Regular

by Dennis Masharov

The austere and concise personality and flexibility make it a real multiple-purpose typeface. The letter forms are distinguished by a large x-height, sufficient stroke contrast, robust but elegant wedge-like serifs and terminals. These features have been specially designed to reach maximum of readability. Suitable for use in corporate ID, advertising and display typography.

Font Pairing
These two fonts work really well when used together and I hope I get to use at least one of these fonts in an upcoming website design project!


Active Member
fairview is a great font for headlines. I don't know why free fonts get so much stick there are loads around you just have to search for them.

Sean Lee-Amies

Exactly! Sure they don't often have the flexibility of other fonts but really, there are so many that you're usually always going to find one that looks great for the situation you need it for because there are just so many.

Sean Lee-Amies

This week I wanted to go with something a bit less... traditional and find something that was interesting and fresh for use in less formal projects. So, I have indeed managed to find the perfect candidate! And so I would like to introduce you to...
Week 5 Free Font:
Oh Mai Mai!

You have to check out their website, it's the best site I've ever seen for a font download!



Sean Lee-Amies

Yes, I remembered to do it on time this week! Congratulations to me....
So this week I have chosen a marginally more serious looking typeface. It's slender, curvy and elegant. Everything you could possibly hope for in a.... typeface.
Week 6 Free Font
By: OneByFour
This font is great, and I have in fact used it recently whilst designing a business card! Now that it has been set with the brand style, it'll be used on the clients website as well. I've chosen Titillium Text as its font pairing and it seems to work really well!
[color=#ff0000;]NOTE:[/color] There is an issue with this download, in that in their wisdom they have named the sans serif and serif fonts identically, and so you can only use one at any given time.... so I have re-named these fonts for you and provided them as downloads at the bottom of this post.


Sean Lee-Amies

Thanks, I'm glad you like the choice of typeface!
To me, Matchbook as a whole feels very diverse. It's playful, fun and friendly whilst retaining an elegant and almost formal feel to it that would lend itself well to various different styles of design. I can really see Matchbook being used in a number of different situations; imagine it being used for the titles on menu's or being used in flyers and other graphic pieces. I think it would suit a lot of businesses that are in the craft industry because of its light, formal style.
The only thing I dislike is the f in Matchbook Serif, I would have to either invert the bottom serif or just remove it!

Sean Lee-Amies

I like both of them and I think you'd be able to use both in real-world projects. You just need to find the right design style for the sans to fit in to :)
So, a new week and a new font. This week I've been looking for something that's a little bit more sturdy, a little bit bolder. This font is provided, for free, in a variety of weights and even comes with a display version!
Week 7 Free Font
by: ElopedThought