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Added some work to my profile...

Hi guys,

Since I'm working on my new portfolio, I've just uploaded some of my more recent work (12 websites and 5 Logotypes) into the albums section of my profile. Feel free to take a look. I'm gonna upload some more tonight when I get home, I've got loads of Print and a few more websites to add.

Let me know what you think.

It is, but it's well worth it. That font has so many applications. Luckily my boss is a big supporter of buying typefaces, means I don't have to :icon_biggrin:
Hi Pete,

I've looked at your work. It's very impressive. It's actually similar to my style. Lot's of space and minimal typography. I particularly like the Faith logo as it signifies holding hands and being part of a community. Brilliant choice of colours. I also like the hts logo although I think it would have been stronger in black but I assume the company's corporate identity is brown. Some of the websites are excellent. The Angles website is nice and simple and contemporary. I'm also a fan of keeping things simple!