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    Effin' IE8 bug on javascript

    I came up with the link too, but somehow there has to be a cause of the browser to crash? Ive got a setup for browser testing (I myself am running on a Mac, so no IE here B) ) where there are no addons, but through a couple of freelancers I heard that the cause might be a console.log somewhere...
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    Effin' IE8 bug on javascript

    The doctype could not be the issue, since its HTML5 (its a Drupal theme based on the Twitter Bootstrap for a responsive template ;-)). Ive indeed tried all the possibilities, like commenting out - even deleting everything -, but nothing helped: sometimes the error came, sometimes it didnt... The...
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    Effin' IE8 bug on javascript

    Yeah, Ive tested it on other computers. My personal computer, the computer of my in-laws, a couple of friends (also developers), a couple of friendly freelancers, followers, even teachers from a while ago... All various versions, from IE7 to IE10, but none of them had the error... I managed to...
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    Effin' IE8 bug on javascript

    Hi, I've got an issue in IE8 that's been bugging me for a while now. So, I've got this Drupal website with a little jQuery functionality (like a masonry and a little bit more). But the problem is that the browser (that IE8-bastard) crashes. And when I say "crashes", I mean keeping to crash...
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    Leon Beer - Feedback wanted

    first of all: Tom, thanks for the response :-) But I've got an update, I've been flicking and trying some stuff out, so I've got a new outcome... And this is still a draft for the menu (one item at a time)... So, what you guys think?
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    Leon Beer - Feedback wanted

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    Put up or shut up

    if I had to be honest, for myself I'd have to say... Rent-A-Pet on the Behance Network Why? Well, I had a lot of fun on this assignment, as well on development as on design. But do note I'm a student, I don't have a lot of experience yet, so...
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    Feedback on illustrations please.

    Michelle, I like the style of your illustration, but it's a bit blank for me. The T-shirt thing is better than the flyer though. I think it's more of a problem of position, I think it should be placed better in the middle of the chest. But further more, it's just scary. It's like the bear...
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    Your Desktop

    mine, for quite some weeks now... still liking it!
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    Things you do when people aint looking.

    I like to pretend I'm on a rollercoaster, going "whiii" on every bump. Sometimes when it's quiet in the classroom, I forget I'm not alone, and that's when the fun starts...
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    Leon Beer - Feedback wanted

    Hi, long time since I've been here, so I'm kind of hoping this is the right forum for it. Anyhow, here goes: In school, we received an assignment to make a product site in Flash for a Flemish beer, with 2 features and one promotion. We got to pick the beer out we wanted to do, and so on. To...
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    Best opensource CMS?

    Wordpress or Joomla :clap:
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    Web Width?

    I use a fixed one of prox. 800 px... Sometimes it might be something more, but I think the background should also be visible on the "standard screen size" (1024x768). Plus, in my school - 2 years ago - we still had to work with PC's that had 800x600 monitors, so I think there is a small amount...
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    Future of Web Design 2009 (FOWD 09)

    Yeah, it's sold out... :(
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    Future of Web Design 2009 (FOWD 09)

    Indeed very expensive... I wish I could go, but it's a bit too far, I think... Plus, if I could go, I'd have to cough up the money for the ferry. Maybe some other time :-)