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Recent content by Blacksnipe

  1. Blacksnipe

    Your Desktop

    mine, for quite some weeks now... still liking it!
  2. Blacksnipe

    Best opensource CMS?

    Wordpress or Joomla :clap:
  3. Blacksnipe

    Web Width?

    I use a fixed one of prox. 800 px... Sometimes it might be something more, but I think the background should also be visible on the "standard screen size" (1024x768). Plus, in my school - 2 years ago - we still had to work with PC's that had 800x600 monitors, so I think there is a small amount...
  4. Blacksnipe

    Future of Web Design 2009 (FOWD 09)

    Yeah, it's sold out... :(
  5. Blacksnipe

    Future of Web Design 2009 (FOWD 09)

    Indeed very expensive... I wish I could go, but it's a bit too far, I think... Plus, if I could go, I'd have to cough up the money for the ferry. Maybe some other time :-)
  6. Blacksnipe

    Hey hey

    LOL! :p Sure hope this isn't going to be the case, though.
  7. Blacksnipe

    Hey hey

    Thanks, to both of you :-) I'll sure try to stay active, but sometimes times and work aren't what you expect them to be...
  8. Blacksnipe

    Software used for web layouts?

    Photoshop & Illustrator here. :-) For some things I use Illustrator, and usually I import then into PS. Still, there are times that I just stick to Illustrator and only do the slicing in Photoshop... Coding happens in TextEditor, Dreamweaver 8 or Coda :-) Or any texteditor...
  9. Blacksnipe

    Hey hey

    Hi, I'm Blacksnipe, and I like to design for the web. Born and raised in Belgium, I still study in the things I like to do... Maybe you heared of Devine? Digital Design & Media? :P Anyhow, I'm a simple 19 year old, who likes to expand his world and develop his virtual identity (and sites...