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Leon Beer - Feedback wanted


Junior Member
Hi, long time since I've been here, so I'm kind of hoping this is the right forum for it.

Anyhow, here goes:

In school, we received an assignment to make a product site in Flash for a Flemish beer, with 2 features and one promotion. We got to pick the beer out we wanted to do, and so on. To make the story short, I picked Léon Beer, a beer that's available in a pub that has the same name in Brussels, Belgium.

I tried to narrow my concept for the beer and I took the path of a fictional release for making the brand more known in the world of our small country. So I tried some grungy stuff, since that's kind of my style.

I've made some "pages" (yah, it's "pages", because our teachers said we couldn't have pages, but it's all in the same setting.), so here they are:

(first thing I'd like to add, is that the bottle image in the middle isn't final yet. It should become a photo, but I'm waiting for the bottle to receive for some more photos, but since we have a spring break now, it's a little hard to do that ;-))

this one should be done

this one is going to be with masking

the colour of the corks isn't final yet. It should be red, like from the bottle, but I'm waiting to take some more pictures.

This one is going to be updated, I was thinking of giving a moustache as a promotion for marking the winner in drinking games in the pub, at home, ... I mean, everybody wants to be the optimus prime, no? Well the background should be kind of the other images, only here should be some pictures of my friends wearing the promotion-moustache.

anyhow, I've got about a week or so before I have to do my presentation of what I've got of design...

Tom Sound

Active Member
I like the first two, not sure about the overlaid text, a bit too skewed?

Post it with the final bottle photos and it will be easier to comment

Good though, I like Belgian Beer, especially Chimay :up:


Junior Member
first of all: Tom, thanks for the response :)

But I've got an update, I've been flicking and trying some stuff out, so I've got a new outcome...

And this is still a draft for the menu (one item at a time)...

So, what you guys think?