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Effin' IE8 bug on javascript


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I've got an issue in IE8 that's been bugging me for a while now.

So, I've got this Drupal website with a little jQuery functionality (like a masonry and a little bit more). But the problem is that the browser (that IE8-bastard) crashes.

And when I say "crashes", I mean keeping to crash randomly. It's not that it's due to a single page, image, or whatever, but sometimes it crashes, sometimes it's not. Also, I can't figure out where the error is happening. That's the weird part of it.

I've tried just about everything: going from narrowing the code down, alerts, console.logs, to almost throwing my computer out the window(s). I also tried debugging with breakpoints in the - pardon my French - f*cker, but it's just not getting there (IF the error occurs).

The problem's on http://www.potrell.be/realisaties/ (just click any project for the error to come... Maybe if you just throw bread, it comes...) in case you want to look under the hood.

Hoping for an answer,

PS: am I coming on twitter now? xD


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Yeah, Ive tested it on other computers.
My personal computer, the computer of my in-laws, a couple of friends (also developers), a couple of friendly freelancers, followers, even teachers from a while ago... All various versions, from IE7 to IE10, but none of them had the error...
I managed to have a work around for the issue, by forcing IE8 to render the page like IE7 (who knew...), but still the mystery remains. And I wouldnt be a developer if I didnt want to know what gives the error, so thats why I am trying to check for anybody who can help...


Mhmm, try setting the DOCTYPE properly, as it can cause issues like that within certain browsers. I'm assuming you've gone over all the more obvious things.
Can you not get a crash report/log from IE so we've got something else to work with? Have you tried commenting out large sections of the websites code and testing it again in IE to establish where the issue might lie?


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The doctype could not be the issue, since its HTML5 (its a Drupal theme based on the Twitter Bootstrap for a responsive template ;-)).
Ive indeed tried all the possibilities, like commenting out - even deleting everything -, but nothing helped: sometimes the error came, sometimes it didnt...
The weirdest part is that if I thought I had found the issue (read: putting back code and getting the error), when I removed the code again - or rewrote it -, the issue was still there!
Anyhow, still thanks for the insights and the help. :)
PS: the screenshot of the error report can be found on http://cl.ly/image/0B3F3F3P0U1H (not that much of a help).


Hmm, yeah I knew it was a long shot.. I'm afraid I'm all out of ideas here, development is not my strong point!
I just had a quick search for issues related to IE8, APPCRASH and mshtml.dll, as per the error report and there seems to be a lot of talk about addons, although one of the members believe that it is in fact a bug within the mshtml.dll file itself. I don't have time to read the whole thing but the link is here:
Look out for hexxae's posts near the bottom. Perhaps this may be of some help to you.
good luck!


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I came up with the link too, but somehow there has to be a cause of the browser to crash?
Ive got a setup for browser testing (I myself am running on a Mac, so no IE here B) ) where there are no addons, but through a couple of freelancers I heard that the cause might be a console.log somewhere in the JS of the site thats causing the IE debug mode to crash, thus crashing the complete browser. I checked the code for it, but I found nothing.
A buggy mshtml.dll? Typical Microsoft, I guess... :p