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Hi there,

I'm starting a new youtube channel and need some graphics for my page and an intro for my videos with the channel name. Can anyone please help me out with this?




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My apologies, just in my experience usually people that want this kind of youtube channel work done either want it done for free, or for a silly amount like under £100. If you are willing/able to pay a sensible fee to hire a professional, then that is no problem at all. If you can quote your budget that will give us a better idea.

Thank you.


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I don't really have a budget. With that said, I don't really want anything too fancy that's going to cost a small fortune. But yes, I will pay. I understand this is a business for some people and wouldn't be disrespectful by asking for it for free. For example, people on YouTube have their name appear with a few graphics at the start of each video. As I'm less than terrible with that sort of thing, I do need some help. I have an idea what I want, but have no idea if it's possible.


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The quote will be what it is. If someone wants to work with you on this they can contact you directly.