Where to find famous company logos?

Another hack is to get the SVG directly from a website.

You can do this by getting an extension for your browser - my preffered browser is Chrome and I got an Extension called SVG Grabber.

Go to the website.

I have a little icon for the extension
Annotation 2020-07-31 111025.PNG.jpg

Once I click this on the site I'm on it throws up all the SVGs on the website


I can then download the logo I want and open the SVG directly in Illustrator


And the good things about SVGs for me anyway is that they can be directly inserted to Adobe InDesign 2020 - which I use a lot!
There are many websites that stock famous logos for free download, there will be copyright issues with regards to their use so check with the company in question, you have been warned :icon_biggrin:

Below are a few links, feel free to add more.



Hi, These websites are really useful. I like graphic designing and I appreciate and thank you for helping the graphic designers on this forum.