Where to find famous company logos?

If your ever having trouble with a particular logo, one cool trick that usually works is to google the company and type pdf in the search. E.g 'Nike pdf'.

Chances are you'll be able to download a bit of corporate literature in pdf format with a vectorised logo embedded which you can extract using Illustrator.

Hope that makes sense.
Thanks for a good selection of sites. Perhaps someone will advise a company that can quickly and efficiently develop an original corporate badge, taking into account your wishes?
There is already a number of companies and freelancers that can do this. They are called graphic designers.
One hack that I find useful is to find PDFs online.
You can then extract the vector logos from the PDFs.

For example this google hack
site:www.samsung.com filetype:pdf

You can tell if it's a vector logo as you can zoom right in without it pixelating

In the acrobat tools you can Edit PDF - (Acrobat Pro)

Select the logo


And the logo pops open in illustrator as a editable vector.
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