Web Hosting - Recommendations?


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Lazy Sheep Media

I have always used a company called Lazy Sheep Media, for over 40 websites. Never had any problems. They are quite cheap in price also. Good for easy install of Wordpress, Joomla etc.


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I use Justhost atm but I will be switching when it's up for renewal as after reading this they're pretty expensive...

...and I've also got got 2 domains with go daddy...(I'm new to this web game) :icon_sneaky:


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Is there a huge difference between Windows and Linux servers? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Depends on three things:

1. Who your client base is e.g. if its public sector and they want whatever you're producing to be ported to their servers it would have to be Windows
2. What your developers code in - PHP for Linux or .NET for Windows
3. Cost - Linux is normally a cheaper platform from a development point of view because decent .NET developers are *generally* more expensive than decent PHP developers. There also seems to be quite a bit more out there in terms of solutions and support for PHP dev.

We code on both and the windows stuff we do is for councils and the projects involved are much much bigger than the Linux PHP stuff we do.


I use EUKhost at the moment and they're pretty good. Fairly cheap and quite easy to contact via live chat.