Web Hosting - Recommendations?

Tony Hardy

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Can anybody recommend me any good webhosting packages?
I'm looking at using Wordpress, so the easy install thing would be good.
Also, if I can get a free domain or two in it, that'd be really helpful.
I have a second site and i just wanted a cheapy package, went on to ebay and got 2years unlimited with a domain for £9.99 - once click Wordpress installation and haven't had a single down time.

These guys: Web Hosting - 5 YEARS for the PRICE of ONE | eBay

Yeh, yeh you get what you pay for but it isn't for my main site so I wasn't so concerned but I have to say top notch service.
Yeah I've bought a package through ebay before, and the company went pop.

But, I've also used these before for another website and it's still functional.
Is there a huge difference between Windows and Linux servers? What are the advantages and disadvantages?
If you need .asp scripts, SQL server or Access then you’ll have to get a Windows server, if not just go with Linux every time. I’m no techie though so maybe someone will be along with a better answer!
The issue I have with the eBay host is it says in the feedback they don't allow you multiple domains to point at their site.

Whats your main site anyway Penguin?
I can recommend these guys, they're fantastic UK based host - Vidahost. Cheap and very fast. Swtiched to using them for all my web projects a while ago. They have very good technical support - everything is done immediately basically

Click my aff link with them when you register if you dont mind, it will give me a bit of extra credit with them ;)

just go for the basic one, it's £17 per year there or £29 if you pay for two years.

Trust me, i recommend them for a reason, they're very good, you'll see ;)
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Try hosts with 1-Click

Try web hosts that support 1-click Wordpress install. I personally have good experience with 1and1 and namesco and MT(Media temple). Media temple is expensive but their support is super. I prefer 1and1 as they are europe based and provide good support and extra domains as well.
I use dream hosting, they've recently increased their prices to 17.99 per year but you can have upto 5 domains and their client support is exceptionally good. I've used them for years.