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Why is the location list so random? It lists tiny market towns such as Louth but completely ignores major cities such as Bradford, Leeds & Sheffield?
Looking at the list, most of the Irish counties are also towns/cities so could be confusing. Perhaps using the common CO to signify the difference between an Irish county and a city would work? for example CO Cork, CO Tipperary as appose to Cork or Tipperary.

While I think of it, where's the county of Avon? :icon_wink:
Another good observation, will certainly put Co beforehand. I don't think Avon as a county exists anymore (to my surprise).
While I think of it, where's the county of Avon? :icon_wink:

Avon hasn't been a county for years - since 1996 in fact. The area is broken into Bristol (which is a county), South Gloucestershire, Bath & North East Somerset and North Somerset. Hope that helps - with love from the West Country :icon_cheers: